How Working Moms Can Balance Motherhood and Family

by - December 14, 2018

Motherhood is a one of the greatest blessing in any woman's life but with motherhood comes  a balancing act and trying to figure out how it all fits with the life you already know. This feeling is especially real for working moms, after having my first daughter the idea of going back to work and putting my new baby in a daycare was so daunting and just so stressful to think of. Being a working mother take a lot of juggling and balancing so that way you can give your best at your job and still be able to give the very best to your child.
  • Plan, Plan, Plan. Honestly you can never plan enough as a mom, especially with younger kids, you will have to plan things way in advance. I struggle with this, but since I am a visual person I write everything down on my calendar to be able to remind myself and visually see things. By planning you allow yourself time to see everything on you plate, and you can come up with a good game plan to tackle things. 
  • Batch Work, this is something I just recently started integrating into my day to day and I have to tell you its a game changer. The idea of batch working is instead of dealing with a to-do list with numerous tasks that need to be completed, instead categorize those tasks in some type of relating order and you focus on each category at once and focus all your energy on completing those tasks. For me I have learnt to batch work so I can get through tasks, and then be able to shift my attention and give my full attention to my kids. 
  • Be solid in your decision to be a working mom, I think being either a working or stay at home mom the reality of motherhood doesn't change but being a working mom does bring on a whole new set of mommy guilt and just feeling like you aren't giving your all to your kids, so to have a good balance and be able to handle both roles you have to be sure of your decision to work and also be content in that decision. 
  • Have a strong support system that is willing and able to help you carry the weight when you can't. This is so important for your health and to know that even when you can't step up, there are people you can fall back on that will help make things go smoothly. 

Its always going to be a balancing act, and some days you are going to give more to one role than the other, but I think the most import think to remember is to give your best and most importantly give yourself grace if it all doesn't pan out like the way you imagine. I would love to hear what are some other ways you all are balancing working and motherhood, share the tools you use to make things a little easier in the comments.

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