Tips for New Moms Parenting without Family Support

by - October 24, 2018

Being a new mom is already a very daunting and hard task, then imagine if you are miles away from family and friends doing it all on your own and having no support other than your partner, it can be quite draining both emotionally and physically. One of my biggest fear when I relocated to the Dallas after getting married was the fear of being so far from family and then my kids not being close to family and getting to do holidays and birthdays with family it can be an emotional thing to think of honestly but lets be real there are people raising way more kids, and even further from family and totally kicking butt at it. Here are a few things I have learnt along the way to implement and also to help make it less lonely being so far away from family.

  • Make it feel like home as best as you can, honestly its never gonna fully feel like home cause well it just ain't home. But the reality is you and your family are in this new place now and you have to build your own memories, so be willing to step out of your comfort zone and build your own village.
  • Stay connected with family, thankfully we live in technology driven world where you can connect with anyone at anytime of the day all around the world. So its so easy to keep them involved in your lives, and keep the kids having a relationship with them. Also its good way to have some outlet to speak with family and feel less alone. 
  • Build solid relationships, this is easier said that done but honestly when you are away from family you need support you need people in your corner. Especially when you have little kids its good having people you feel confident helping to watch the kids when you need some alone time for yourself or your marriage.
  • Switch your mentality about the whole idea of being far away from family, like I said its very hard being a way from family and support but once you are away you have to come to a realization that this is the present situation and make the best of it. For me it took a little while to come to this point, but once me and my husband decided that Dallas was going to be our home for now, then I had to have a mental switch about the situation and stop dwelling on it all. 

Being a new mom away from family and close friends really can take a toll on one's mental state, it can make you feel very alone and helpless, but you have to be willing focus on the positives of it rather than negative. And the wonderful thing about being a way from immediate family is you allow yourself to grow independently and be your own type of mom and the great thing about family is they will always have your back whether near or far.

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  1. We are often living far from family due to my husband’s work. It’s definitely challenging, but yes making the house your home soon helps you settle in. We try to use the move as a way to explore new places and take weekend trips in a new area.

  2. Great post! As a mama to two little ones with no immediate family nearby (the closest is an hour away), I have found some friends who have become my bonus family. My friends are a huge support for being a SAHM while my husband works some intense hours. I'm glad you are feeling like you are settling into your home now.

  3. What a strong mom you are. Being away from your support system can both be challenging and empowering. Keep going momma, you got this!

  4. Being away from family is really hard, but you're right. You get the chance to be the kind of mom you want to be and define your world as an adult. There is something healthy about being away for a while and establishing your own family traditions.

  5. I like this article! I’m in the same boat but I don’t think about too much because my husband’s family is near but that doesn’t mean I don’t miss my family. I have a friend who’s parents and parents in law are far away and she negatively brags about how they are far away. It is what it is and it’s important that we embrace the blessing of relocation because ultimately it was choice for good reasons and we have to live everyday celebratomg that’s amazing decision. This was a great read!