Exploring the city: Dallas

by - October 24, 2016

Lately I have been in a little bit of a funk, so to mentally pysch myself into a better mood I took the little one on a little tour of the city. One thing I was always mad at myself for was never really exploring Colorado and enjoying all that  the beautiful state has to offer. So I intend to fully experience Texas and enjoy all that this huge state has to offer, me and the family got to take a little trip to San Antonio already and explored that historic city recently, you can read about our mini family vacay here. So this past weekend I decided to start my Dallas adventures, we went exploring the Dallas art district, and I was so impressed with the beauty of the city.

We started at Klyde Warren Park, which was so beautiful and the whole vibe going on through out the park was so welcoming and amazing. My daughter was a big fan of all the water fountains, and especially loved the little kids park next time we might have to bring along a bathing suit though. I was more excited to try the various food trucks. 

After hanging out at the Park for most of the day, we took a walk down the street and ran across the Crow Collection of Asian Arts Museum which was free, so we did a little peek in there to see some of the history then took a few pictures in front of the beautiful structures in front. 

 All in the all it was an amazing day of exploring and getting to know the city a little. Not sure where our next adventure will be, but I think we might just make this a re-occurring way to get out of the house and also get to know how new home. 

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