Prepping for our first christmas

by - December 14, 2016

This year we will be spending our first official family Christmas, its so exciting because we can start to form our own traditions and all that jazz. Its so interesting how the Christmas season  in Colorado is so different from in Texas, the most obvious one is weather wise clearly by now in Colorado the snow would have been coming full force and those low temps will be super real by now. But, Texas weather is so different, we have had a few days of cold days (and honestly its been very cold some of those days where I almost forgot I was in Texas) But up until early Dec we were still rocking our short sleeves and blazing the air conditioner. So with that being said it was a little strange getting into the holiday spirit, might just be the African girl in me that instantly thinks Christmas and Snow go hand in hand lol.

Well we did finally get into the spirit, we did put up our Christmas tree and I think after the tree was put up then my hubby got a little Christmas happy. Also having an almost 4 year old who is overly excited for Christmas feeds into that. Granted we will not be in Texas for actual Christmas day, because we will be spending the holiday with my family in Colorado (hoping for a white Christmas) But, I just love the joy of seeing her fully experience these holidays and be so aware of what it all means, this year I am getting a new understanding of what the holiday season is all about, and I think a little part of that is because of I get experience that joy that my toddler has in her eyes as well as experience it my own family.

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