How to make the school year less hectic

8/12/181:26 AM

As a mom I know I look forward to back to school season after a long busy summer, but as much as I look forward to it the school year can get quite overwhelming. Last year was Simi's first year in public "real" school, and honestly it was quite an adjustment not only for her but for me as well. But along the way I have learnt a few tricks that I intend to fully utilize this school year and hopefully they can be of good use to you all as well.

  1. Calendars are God's gifts, it is so important when  you first get you school calendar to sync it with your personal calendar. Whether you be a digital person or a more traditional person that writes it down just go ahead and do it. Last year I actually got the cutest calendar from Target and I just wrote down all the important school holidays on there, then copied down all my own personal plans whether that be trips or just activities planned out already, so I could visually see what we had planed for the school year. And with a calendar you can see everything and be able to plan any vacations around the school year schedule.
  2. Find after school activities or just some type of non-school related program to keep your kids busy over the weekend. Its so important after all that schooling and homework to just have some time to unwind. Last year because I wasn't working, I decided that I Simi didn't need any extra activities, or lord the stress it caused on me was unreal. Not only was I having to keep her entertained, she was restless and I was loosing my cool all the time. And like the famous saying goes, "all work and no play makes jack a dull boy" honestly its just good for their own health and your sanity
  3. Find some school year activity or goal for yourself something that has nothing to do with the kids. This is so important to keep yourself sane, as parents we spend so much time planning and worrying about the kids but spend very little time worrying about ourselves. Its just something to keep the school year fun and keep yourself from getting burnt out as well from being pulled a million different places. 

It is so crazy thinking how fast the summer went, but before you know it another summer will be here and you will feel like the year just flew by. You want to make the school year as fun as it can be not just for your kids but for yourself as well, especially if this is the first year your child is going to school. If you are an O.G in this school year thing, please share some ways you make the school year fun and easy going for yourself and your child? And for you new parents with kids entering school, what are you looking forward to?

How to get a moment of peace as a mom

7/26/183:45 PM

Lets be real being a mom is full time 24/7 around the clock job, you barely ever really get a break and just when you think you are getting a break to go pee, there is someone barging into the bathroom or messing with the handle to unlock it (sigh) but every once in awhile you might get that 5 mins of silence or if you are lucky a full hour of nap time to get a breather and take in some fresh air. With summer and the girls keeping me heavily busy, I have learnt to cherish and really utilize these little times I get and utilize them to my advantage. Here are my go to things to enjoy my moment of peace.

5 Ways to keep your sanity when the kid are off for the summer

7/8/182:34 AM

We are officially in the thick of summer, so that means lots of hot days and loads of free time for the kids. If your kids are anything like mine, they are keeping you very busy and probably driving you crazy a bit. I had shared on my Instagram at the beginning of summer, how Simi was literally eating the house down mainly due to boredom so I had to quickly find some ways to keep her busy and help me stay sane this summer or completely lose it on her lol. Its funny as parents we all look forward to summer so we can get a little break from the school year schedule, but then Summer comes around and you realize you have to keep your kids busier now lol. Anyway here are some things working for me right now.

How to deal with mommy guilt

7/2/183:48 PM

Mommy guilt is very real and if you don't learn how to handle it, can very much be consumed by it. Having two little ones now it almost feels like I am not being enough for both girls and my husband and then myself. Its funny after I had Temi I was like thank God the girls are not so close in age, so I won't feel so guilty cause Simi can do most things for herself. But the reality is I have felt even more guilt for one Temi is extremely needing, I think the fact that I was home with her most of her first year so she literally is just attached, always wanting me to carry her and then there are just all those things she can't do for herself and needs me for. And then there is Simi who is older, and can do most things for herself but she is also at that age where she is becoming her own person and needs that guardian to keep her on the right track and the added bonus of her being able to talk and letting me know when I am being a crappy mommy doesn't help my guilt lol. Thankfully I am learning how to give both girls the love they deserve and do my best as a young mom.

Must haves for Babies and Toddlers

6/26/1810:24 PM

As my girls get older, I am starting to learn what works and well what just doesn’t work and honestly I am still learning but I thought I would share some of my go to items that we love and also that helps make our lives so much easier

Why you need to be vulnerable in marriage!

6/19/186:31 PM

Marriage is an interesting thing honestly, let me just tell you the reality of marriage and being someone's partner is so much different from what we see out there. Now being married 2 years (still very much a baby in this game lol) but I have learnt so much about myself, my partner and just what it takes to be a good wife. One thing I have definitely had to learn is being completely vulnerable and really stripping these expectations I had come in with, in marriage everyday is different there are good days, and bad days and the longer you stay married to someone you are constantly learning about this person and every day a new layer of that person comes about. I remember when I was single I had this idea of what I would be as a wife, but then you get married and the reality of that sets in, you learn so much about yourself and you start to realize that all you had planned in your head just won't work now. I believe in order to have a successful and true marriage you are gonna have to be vulnerable, and that is in every single aspect of it.

What you need to know before kids

6/15/182:51 PM

I have been a mom now for a little over 5 years and honestly that is nothing, but in my short time of being a mom I have learnt some hard life lessons and everyday I feel like my kids teach me something. Prior to having kids I was a complete mess and didn't know anything or how to even be a mother to anyone, thankfully this chapter in life has allowed me to learn, grow and mature. There are a few things I do wish I knew prior to having my girls, might have helped the journey be a little easier honestly.