Adulting : 3 Ways I am adapting to change

by - May 29, 2016

Being an adult really is something, and I think the true test of being an adult is when life changes and new chapters begin. And If I say so myself, I think I have fully entered the real world of adulting (lol). So within the last month so much has changed and a new chapter has fully started in my life, I recently got married and then me and my little family started our new life together. Its such a big change, because its one thing to embark on a new chapter of marriage and be someone's wife but, its also another adapting to a new environment and stepping out of my comfort zone and starting this new chapter in  my life in a new location and trying to make sense of it all in unfamiliar territory. This has become my life within these past few weeks, but I am braving it out and thought I would share some tips (in no particular order) on how I am learning to handle these changes

1. Be open minded

  • This right here is major key, because if you are not open minded when  change hits you there is no way you will get through it. For me everything is all new, because this is the first time cohabiting with someone in this sense, and living with someone else in a space that is more familiar to them than me I am learning that with everything that comes I need to be open minded and ready to absorb everything that comes my way whether it be positive or negative ( and even the negative, I am learning to see the positive in and make the best of it)

2. Be prayerful

  • I know not everyone is religious but one thing I have learnt in my little short time on this earth is that nothing can be done without giving it to God first. Change will come at you in all types of ways and it will really take a toll on you either in a good or bad way. So with this new chapter in my life, I have learnt that PRAYER IS KEY. I know that the only way I can succeed and come on the other side of things is by praying.

3. Let change run its course

  • The biggest thing I have had to learn is that change isn't permanent, it comes with a big hit but then before you know it that change will become the norm and life as you knew it before will become a thing of the past. So for me I think just learning that this right now might be a big deal, but within a short amount of time it will seem so minimal and be a part of life.

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