5 things my five years old has taught me to be a better parent!

by - February 12, 2018

Simi turned 5 a few weeks back and I am just in shock that first off I have a 5years old and then secondly I have been a parent for 5years old and I am doing a pretty decent job at it lol. So it got me thinking and I realize the reason I was able to survive these past 5years, is because Simi taught me how to be the best parent to her.
Being a parent is hard honestly, and it’s not like once you have your baby you get to go home with a baby manual (wouldn’t that just be awesome lol) so it comes down to learning as you tackle this very rough but extremely rewarding journey.

  1. One thing I have learnt is trusting my guts, it’s right you will most likely not get it right all the time but, when you become a parent some sort of parenting instinct kicks in and you just learn that if you feel strongly about certain things then there is a reason.
  2. Simi has taught me to not take life so seriously, I have always been pretty light hearted but something about a toddler that is so full of life and always on a million that keeps you very soulful and young lol
  3. I have learnt that I honestly can’t be cool Mom and be besties, it’s funny when I was younger I used to always say oh I am gonna be my child’s best friend and never yell and just be so understanding. Don’t get me wrong I still try to do those things, but there is so much coolness you can have when raising a child, the relationships you have with your friends are different and with your children you are trying to instill values in them and teach them right from wrong and honestly you can’t do that being your child’s bestie. And I have learnt it’s ok to lose my cool sometimes because, I am dealing with a toddler that runs on her own energy and needs to be scolded sometimes and that is perfectly ok!
  4. Being tested is part of the job, I will be honest I still get pretty agitated and get upset when Simi tries to get away with something she is more than aware she isn’t suppose to do, but thankful over the years I have learnt to just pick my battles. I can cry over the little spilled milk or worry about the bigger fish we need to fry. 
  5. Most importantly she has just taught me to love selflessly, when I got pregnant with Simi i was quite young and not mentally prepared for what was coming into my life. Honestly I was so sure I didn’t want to be a parent then, I told my husband we needed to get rid of the pregnancy. But God has blessed my life so much with this child, through the ups and downs we have been through I have learnt that she came into my life right when she was suppose to. 
Being a parent is hard and you definitely will have to make lots of sacrifices and it does turn your entire life upside down, but the blessing of it is through it all you come out on the other side of it being this person you never in a million years though you could be and just loving and cherishing this person you never even knew and thought could have such an effect on you.

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  1. Being a parent is full time job and we lean a lot in the process. Every child is different and may need different approach to parent.

  2. So beautiful! I love your point about taking life less seriously- kids definitely do that!

  3. I agree that kids can teach us so much! I have learned lots from my two year old.

  4. This is so amazing. Having children has taught me so much, too. I like to say that I wasn't grown up until I had kids.