How to accomplish your goals

1/5/1811:45 AM

Just like that 2017 has came and went and now it’s in our rear view, and we are moving on forward to 2018. In the past I would be working on my very long resolution list, that I know very well won’t be completed smh lol
So this year I am taking a different route, i wrote down all my goals that I would like to accomplish and every quarter I will pick about 5 or 6 and tackle them. Obviously I might not be able to accomplish every single goal I have written down all in 2018, but by writing it down I am making myself aware these are things that I need to work on and can hold myself accountable to tackle them.
My mindset for the new year is to seize each day, I feel like with all the changes in my life in 2017 I was very disorganized and lost on what direction to go with my life. Also not working took me away from my usual schedule. But this year I will be heading back to work, and I also want to take my blog ALOT more serious so this year be sure to look out for more posts and just building myself.
I am very excited for this year, and I am a strong believer that your mindset is what sets the tone for whatever you set out to do, so I am very excited to see what the year brings forward. What are some goals you all have set out to accomplish this year? And how are you tackling them?

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