4 Simple Ways to Make him Priority after kids

by - September 15, 2018

One of the biggest struggle as a new mom is feeling overwhelmed, your life has suddenly gone from you and your husband to now being on call to this little human being and learning how to take care of them properly while but still making time for your husband and making your marriage a priority, its quite a struggle honestly and can put quite a strain on your relationship. I remember after  I had Temi, my body went through quite a lot I felt so much like I wasn't myself anymore, on top of that I had a toddler to care for and I still had to make my husband and marriage a priority, every day I would feel so helpless and just felt like I was being pulled a million different places and I saw it affecting my relationship with my husband majorly, but it doesn't have to be that way and even just the littlest things will make your marriage thrive no matter how many babies come along and make your bond even stronger than before.

  • Include him, I know once kids come around especially in those early stages its very easy to get caught up in doing for the baby you kind of schedule things around the little one and before you know it your life is all kids and you and your husband are just an extras. So just learning to include him in things, makes him feel like his still number one and honestly its extra help for you as well.
  • Make time for each other everyday, this might involve putting the little(s)  one to bed on time, or even you staying up a little later just to be able to talk and spend some quality time with each other and not have all the noise of the kids. Sometimes it just takes a little sacrifice but its very worth while. 
  • Be spontaneous, be willing to go off script sometimes and plan mid day dates or just something fun and unexpected for both of you. 
  • Communicate with him constantly life can be busy as a mom especially as a new mom, so let him understand the emotions you are dealing with, so he can be more sympathetic and know where he can assist as well. 

Marriage is definitely constant work, and when kids are added to the mix it makes your job just a little harder but nothing good ever came easy right. I hope these tips can be helpful you all, and if you have any extra ones I have missed I would love to hear them out in the comments.

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  1. Well done Tola. These tips are a reality and a certain honey top up to a sweet marriage as kids take the main centre stage esp creating quick pep dates/hook ups for yourselves. When we get little help with kids, we simply elope for those few hours, trust me 😉