Little Ways to practice self care

by - January 13, 2018

It’s a new year, and one of my goals for 2018 was taking better care of myself, and remembering to do for myself a lot more.It's so easy as a mom and wife to forget ones self and focus the majority of energy on the kiddos and being the best wife I can be. Last year between having a new baby, learning to balance both girls and keep my home together, I completely forgot about myself majority of the year.  In my opinion self care should really be at the top of anyone’s list, whether you be a mom, wife or single. Because there is so much you can give to others, if you aren’t giving enough to yourself.  So here are a few ways I intend to take time for myself this new year.
  • Reading, it's funny I went to the library with the girls a few times last year and even checked out some books that I planned to read, and not once did I open the book lol (smh)But honestly reading can be such a destressor, and it doesn't take a lot and you don't even need anything super fancy a simple magazine will do the trick too. I used to enjoy reading and now my life has become so consumed by babies and life in general, I feel I don't even have time for light reading.
  • Spa dates, this can be a full blown spa day with the whole nine from massages to facials and all the fun in between or just something simple as manicures and pedicures. Just a little luxury can do a lot to reset you and relax your day.

  • Bath time! One of the luxuries I have learnt to really appreciate is the alone/quiet time I get in the evening during my bath time. I have sort of made it a ritual now, taking the time to mentally relax and let go of any stressors or worries I have had to deal with for the day. I know my days can get really crazy and I don't always have time to get a long luxurious shower, due to kids constantly distrubing but taking time maybe late at night or very early in the morning before the kids wake up to relax and set the tone for my day or end my day will do wonders in my opinion.
  • Proactively making alone time for yourself.if you are like me then your mommy guilt is off the charts and it can be very hard for you to take a break. I literally feel so sorry when leaving my kids even if it's with their dad, but the reality is I can't  give my all to my kids if I  am constantly at their beck and call and haven't taken a little time to reset. So if it's just taking a couple hours a day every week or every other week to take a mental break from your usual to-do and reset, it will allow you to be the best you. 
 It’s a new year and it can be so easy to burn out, from the endless goals we set out for ourselves to the day to day stuff life throws at us. Especially as a parent when you have regular adulting to accomplish, but also have kiddos to take care of you slowly forget to take care of yourself. Whar are some ways you all treat yourself or plan to treat yourself this new year?

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  1. Great work! All of those things will make you feel so good.

    Every year I write a list of 52 things to try and achieve, and having a new baby this year I knew it would be challenging. But I’m lucky to have a hubby that helps me, and we started off the year with a few things on your list - a few hours getting a massage at a spa, having a bath at home etc.

    This month I’m going to try taking 5mins a day meditation. Really, I just want to sit still for 5mins, take a break! Feel what’s around me.

  2. So true, mama, we gotta make time for self love! I especially love spa days, although they don't happen often. Even an alone trip to Target can do the trick for me :)

  3. I enjoy taking the time to sit down and read a book and drink my cup of coffee while my girls are watching cartoons in the morning. It's my little time to myself, which is nice.

  4. bath time is a luxury, but any way you can create some self care time, is essential!