Tips for a healthy marriage after kids

by - May 07, 2018

My Husband and I didn't build our family in the "traditional" sense of getting married then having kids. We got into our marriage already having a 3years old, so adjusting to a new marriage and learning what works for each other was a lot different. Marriage is hard like I spoke about in my last marriage blog post, but its even harder when you have kids involved and learning to take time for each other and communicate with each out about our marriage at times was a bit difficult.
One of the main thing we have had to remember every time is our relationship and love for each other came first and we have to put that as priority, especially as parents to young kids we have to be sure that we love each other and respect each other because that's what our children see and that is how they will learn to associate love, and marriage.

Making time to check on each other, after our first year of marriage we kind of started this new routine of checking on each other. And when I say checking on each other not just saying how are you doing and taking the face value answer, but really seeing how each other is doing asking questions and really seeing how the other is doing. This has also helped our communication with each other tremendously, because by having these conversations we are learning to talk to each other about us rather than just the everyday things such as family, home and the kids. 
Lastly just learning to ALWAYS AND FOREVER COMMUNICATE. I wasn't much of a communicator when I first got married and it really hurt me because there were things my husband would do that would really piss me off and instead of just coming forward and saying it I would bottle it in and then just fume and fume till I boiled over. Well in two years I have learnt that close mouths don't get fed. Especially with kids where our parenting styles are different, and when one of us does something that doesn't seat well with the other just learning to bring it early and be straight forward about it from the jump. 

Marriage is a constant learning field and as we both grow up and mature more, and our marriage and love evolves to something else we are learning from each other. Our kids are in no way a crutch to our marriage, if anything they are a tool to do better because we want to show them a positive type of love and raise them in the most healthy representation of marriage. 

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  1. These are great ideas.

  2. great post and advise!

  3. I like your tips. It is very important to check in on how the other spouse is doing. It shows your spouse that you care about their well-being.

  4. I agree that communication makes everyone happier and the relationship stronger!