5 Ways to keep your sanity when the kid are off for the summer

by - July 08, 2018

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We are officially in the thick of summer, so that means lots of hot days and loads of free time for the kids. If your kids are anything like mine, they are keeping you very busy and probably driving you crazy a bit. I had shared on my Instagram at the beginning of summer, how Simi was literally eating the house down mainly due to boredom so I had to quickly find some ways to keep her busy and help me stay sane this summer or completely lose it on her lol. Its funny as parents we all look forward to summer so we can get a little break from the school year schedule, but then Summer comes around and you realize you have to keep your kids busier now lol. Anyway here are some things working for me right now.

  • Find activities to keep them busy, during the summer so many activities are available either at your local library, or summer day camps (and even away ones) or some type of sport activity. I recently signed Simi up for gymnastics so that is 50 minutes of time I get to rest a little bit from her chatter and she can burn off enough energy to be knocked out lol so everyone wins.
  • Take your own summer breaks, if you are a working parent take your time coming back from work. Go to that office happy hour after work, or take the long route back home. Or if you are a stay at home parent, take the kids off to a baby sitter or someone to take some much needed mental break. Honestly its needed because before you know it the little things will be what sets you off and you are losing it due to being overwhelmed.
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  • Its summer give some slack room from the usual, example maybe usually they are only allowed an hour screen time give them two hours if it means you get a little break.
  • Have a summer tag team, what I mean by that have a person that you get to share entertaining or picking the kids from activities or taking them to activities with. That could be your spouse, your partner, grandparents, a friend or anyone that is willing to help. By having this in place it helps take the burdens off your shoulder and you don't feel as overwhelmed. 
  • Have as much fun as you can with them, because as much as they can be crazy and needy very soon summer will be over and you will be wishing you had spent more time with them or that you had done more family activities before the reality of fall and the school year begins again with all its calendar packed activities. 
What are you parents doing for the summer with the kiddos, is there any special summer traditions you keep going or how do you usually keep them entertained through the summer, I would love to know in the comments?

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  1. My youngest will constantly say he's hungry if he isn't kept busy. It's definitely hard to keep up this time of year :)

    We come up with a bucket list of what we'd like to accomplish over the summer. This helps keeps me focused on actually getting out of the house with my boys.

  2. Summer with kids can def get a little overwhelming. We try and spend our days outside at the pool, biking... whatever to get them worn out. haha

  3. It's so important to get those mental breaks! I hired a Mother's Helper to play with the kids a bit so I can get stuff done!

  4. We are going crazy here!!! I love these tips!

  5. I definitely know the struggle! I'm always keeping my eyes open for fun local events to find something new to do (bonus if it's free too!).