Simple Ways to keep the kid's busy for summer

by - June 07, 2019

Just like that the school year is over, and its time for all the summer fun. If you are like me, with school aged kids this is sort of bitter sweet time. For one you get to sleep in a bit in the mornings again but, on the flip side now you gotta keep them entertained. And if your child is anything like mine, who is a total busy bee then you are gonna need to keep the next 3 months completely jam packed so here are a few simple and not so expensive ways to keep them busy.

  • Your local library will be pretty lit for the summer, I feel like everyone tends to forget about what a hidden gem the public library truly is. During the summer months, there are so many activities for the kids at any age, and its also educational so its a win-win situation.
  • Summer Camps I know around our area there are a ton of day  and away camps for kids from as low as 3 years old to high school age and there literally is something for everyone with different interests. From sports, music, science to arts & crafts, whatever your child has an interest there is an opportunity for them.We will be checking out the Dallas Cowboys Camp this year, Simi is constantly performing and dancing so this will be a perfect camp for her to burn off all that energy. 
  • Local Trips to amazing local sights like the zoo or museum, I know with the summer months most of these locations are running a ton of specials and even have fun little daily activities for the kids to come in and learn and explore. 
  • Amusement Parks!!! These will always be a good summer break idea any day. A perfect one stop shop amusement park is Great Wolf Lodge, the water park was honestly a hit with the girls and tired them out so much. Check out their summer camp in program
  • Trips! Traveling was always my most favorite memory when I was a child being able to go home and back to school at the beginning of the school year and sharing all the amazing adventures from my trip was so good to relive. So even if you are not able to plan a big international tip, I am sure there are plenty of places within driving distance if time or money doesn't permit for that. A stay-cation can be just as memorable, I know just within the state of TX there are so many places I plan to slowly start exploring with the family. 

Sometimes as parents, we get so caught up on trying to do the most for the summer months and make it this big deal than it should be. The great thing about kids, the littlest things make the biggest impact. So just making the summer months as memorable and fun 

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  1. Hmmm the dreaded time of the year is here. Lol