Why I decided to be a mommy blogger

4/8/183:22 PM

I remember when I decided to take my blog a little more seriously and be dedicated to it. To be honest, I started this blog just because I wanted to have a space to share my new life in Dallas and balancing my new role of wife with being a mother. I wasn't too sure what I would be sharing on the blog, but I knew it would be a pretty personal blog.
Anyway as I started to blog more and join other networks of lifestyle/motherhood bloggers, I started to see a pretty prevalent pattern mommy bloggers pretty much all look the same way. Not to be controversial or too heavy but, one thing I have learnt in my life is that representation matters. Ya I know you are thinking well motherhood is the same all across the board, and we all deal with pretty much the same basic struggles. You are so right but, the reality is that there is comfort in knowing someone that looks just like you deals with those issues as well. And to be honest there are certain struggles that some moms just won't get, for example not all moms will understand the struggle of having to figure out how to style their little girls kinky 4c hair, or explain a different standard of beauty and why we can't style her hair like Elsa's and her hair just will never look like Elsa's.

 And I just felt like there were plenty of mommy bloggers out there, but not a lot that do focus on those different types of struggles. And so for that reason I decided to be serious about my blog, to speak on those general struggles we all deal with as moms and wives, but also focus on these other struggles that are not very common. My hope is to be able to create a space where all mom's can come and learn and gain something, but also a space to speak on those other things that not everyone understands. Because I know as a millennial young African mom and wife there are certain things that I just wish someone else got and could share their experience on. I hope that my experiences can be of help to someone, and I can also learn from others. I would love to hear what you all as my readers would love to see on the blog as well?

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