Simple Ways to Help Your Family Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

by - January 15, 2020

After you get out of holiday mode and start to get back into life as you know it, that can also mean getting yourself and your family out of holiday habits and routines. I don't know about your guys but, honestly from thanksgiving till after the new year I tend to find myself in this phase of constant snacking and just eating everything within sight. So now I am trying to transition us back to healthier new year habits, by making very minor but much needed changes

  • More outdoor activities, during the holidays and the two weeks that the girls were out of school, we ended up being indoors a lot more than I would have liked to be so for the new year I plan to try more outdoor activities to take us out of the house and away from our screens. More park days, taking a walk around the neighborhood, and some good ole running around outside
    • Meal Planning, it is so easy to want to order pizza or just have the entire family go out to dinner because you got too lazy to prepare dinner. Or you get back from work and the last thing you want to do is stand in a kitchen and prepare a meal. But if you stay ahead of it, by preparing the entire line up of food over the weekend for either the week ahead  or even in some cases I have heard people prepare their meals for a month ahead, its a chance to prepare healthier meal options and also you are saving money so win win situation! 
    • Staying active, I never quite understood why moms had their kids in so many sport activities but being a mom now I get it. Especially in a world where kids end up spending so much time indoors and behind screens. Putting them in some type of physical activity, where they get to burn energy and also it keeps me accountable for my own fitness journey
    • Incorporate more fruits and veggies, especially when you have young kids. It can be so easy to incorporate more fruits and veggies, be the example of for them if they see you eating and enjoying it then they are more willing to want to enjoy it. 
    • Switch out juices for more water, I recently got into sparkling waters and so I have been using that as the perfect substitute for juice and soda

    I know it will take some time to get my entire family aligned with the lifestyle changes, but just being the example and staying on top of things with time it will become the norm.  

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