Celebrating New Year's Eve With Kids

by - December 27, 2019

New Year's Eve celebrations start to look a lot different once you have kids, gone are the days of turning up all night long. But that doesn't mean it can't still be a fun night even with your kids, so here are some ways the entire family can ring in the new year!
  • Enjoy a family house party, some times we are more worried about celebrating some big and grand way with a big group but honestly you can invite other friends who also have kids and just have your own in house party and countdown. Its more personal, fun and safer
  • Find Midday New Year's Eve celebrations, so many local museums and amusement parks host day time celebrations so the entire family can go and celebrate. Places like Epic Waters Indoor Waterpark which will be hosting a roaring new year's eve celebration from Dec 31st at 10 am to Jan 1st at 1 am, so you get to pick the time that works best for your family and celebrate until you are tired. 

  • Make it a Netflix and New Year Eve, your children might not be able to hang into midnight but you can still make it a movie night. Everyone gets to snuggle up with blankets and their pjs, enjoying as much movies as the kiddos can take till they fall asleep. 
  • Buy all the fun new year's party supplies, like party hats, blow horns and those cool year glasses and have everyone ring in and count down into the new year. And sometimes if the kids can't make it into the actual new year, I know so many of those new years eve count downs on TV will count down to new year on the east coast and sometimes even other countries. So you can get excited for that and get the kids all happy for the new year. 
  • Make it a fun family game night with all sorts of new years activities to keep the kids busy or just tire them out lol. 

I think realizing that new year's eve celebrations will a tad bit different once you add kids to the equation is so key, and honestly even if you decide you still want to celebrate how you have always done prior to kids you still have to realize a lot more planning goes into now. Making sure you have someone to watch the little ones and having things aligned properly so you can go out and fully enjoy the night without worry. But either way you decide to celebrate whether with the entire family in the comfort of your home, or with the kids being in the care of a family member or sitter just make sure to enjoy the day and enter the new year with a fresh perspective and ready to conquer it! How do you plan on celebrating your new year's eve?

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  1. Great tips!! Me and my family will be celebrating at home together! xo

    1. You and me both! But we will make it fun either way