Heading Back to Work After Baby With Ease

by - March 18, 2019

Going back to work after having a baby is one of the hardest parts of motherhood, you feel like you are doing your baby a disservice and not giving them your all. Its weird because even though this is my second time around you would think dropping off the baby at daycare and heading to work would be a total breeze but honestly it feels like it never really gets easier mommy guilt seems to stay fresh and always creeping in. No matter how much you love your job or how much you need the money, going back to work full time and being a full time mom will be very hard to balance but its not impossible.
Being mentally prepared is number one, I think the idea of going back to work is easier said than actually done. So being mentally prepared isn't just about saying OK I am ready to get back to work cause lets be real you can say you are ready to go back but once you start your day to day it will hit you hard. Being mentally prepared in the sense that you are being realistic of the fact that you will be missing a lot now. For me, my life went from full time being home with the girls getting to be able to volunteer at Simi's school and fully present in every way to now still being present but having to miss certain things because well some days work mom duty calls.

Making sure your game plan is in tack, I am gonna be honest I am the absolute worse with organization and making sure all my ducks are in a row, but knowing that most of the week day me and my kids will be spending it away from our home I had to make sure I had some what of a solid plan. Researching the best daycare and after school care was priority on my list. And then making sure to have a solid back up plan and even a back up plan for your back up is so necessary. I mean you can't help things happening like kids getting sick or just life happening in general, but as long you stay ahead of it you can some what help the transition of being back to work and not being around as much as you usually are go as smoothly as possible.
Work Life Balance is Key!!!  When you become a mom your life is very much about this new baby and being the very best mother you can be for this new child. But just because you are a mom now doesn't mean you give up your life and goals so I totally support a working mom that wants to get out of the house and work on her goals and purpose but you have to realize that you need to balance that as well. You have to give yourself deadlines, and be strict with your time. Be vigilant and know that you have to give of yourself in little doses so you don't over stretch and over work yourself.
Its going to be an adjustment and might take some time to feel (or maybe you will never) feel like you have it all in control but my advice to working moms is just to be ahead of things, planning and maybe even over-planning. And have a solid support of people that you can go to both at work and at home, most importantly just know you are doing this because its the best for your family and for yourself!

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  1. Yea working mom life is not easy! At all! I go back to work first week in June! Eeeekkk. Great tips!

    1. Aww its gonna be a wonderful transition!