Tips for Working from Home with Kids

by - May 20, 2020

tips for working from home

Being a working mom, life does tend to be very unpredictable. But it also teaches you to think quickly on the spot to fight these things. Just like many working parents, I have been home with my kids for a few weeks now(It feels like 2 years honestly); being mom, teacher, chef, driver, and personal assistant while completing my job and take care of my self. It's been pretty challenging these last few weeks, but working from home with little children has pushed me to learn and implement a few tricks to help be present and assist my kids in the best way I can. Here are some ways I have been able to help the transition for both myself and my family. 

working form home

  • Set expectations with the team you work with; help them to understand the reality of you working from home. Understand that the standards while working in the office, will differ while at home because it’s a different environment now.
  • Have a designated work area/space: This allows you to have consistency and have a go-to location like when you were heading to the office. This will allow you to stay organized and mentally shift into work mode.
  • Create some type of structure/routine for both yourself and the kids: Honestly, when you have kids, it’s hard to plan out your dad and follow through. But having a rough schedule highlighting the important things you want to accomplish is so important. This will help to plan what the day will look like.
  • Restructure your routine: Understand that both your morning and nighttime routines will have to change. You might have to get up before everyone to get some alone time to complete some work for the day. Understand that some days might have to drag on a little longer to get work done late at night. I have also learned to accept that I just won’t be able to work at my maximum capacity like I do while at the office.
  • Give yourself grace, understand that you are juggling a lot more than you are used to at this time. It isn't as easy as it seems, so take each day at a time, and don't be so hard on yourself.

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This has been an interesting experience, and some days are better than others but the biggest thing for me was changing mindset from being a super working mom and realizing that it’s a different time, and the norm has changed.

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