Tips To Get Your Kid's Mentally Prepared to start school

by - August 04, 2019

So just like that summer holidays are pretty much over, as a parent I know we are all so ready to ship those kids back to school and tag the teachers back in lol But for the kids it can be quite an adjustment to go back from vacation mode to now gotta get used to waking up early again, and prepared for the learning part.  So I thought I would share some ways we as parents can help them to transition from summer mode to school mode, especially for those moms who will be having little ones starting school for the first time this school year.

  • Slowly start to transition into school schedule a week or two before school actually start, so that means starting to wake them up early or as close to the regular mornings so their bodies can start to ease into the regular schedule and their aware that there is a change coming up soon. 
  • If you have a chance to visit with their new class, school or teacher so your child can interact and get a little comfortable or at least as comfortable as they can get before school really starts. 
  • Getting them involved in the back to school shopping gets them excited and aware that its time to head back to school. So being able to pick the items off the school list and picking backpacks can really ease the transition from summer to school. 
  • Have open dialogues about the new school, new class and new school year. Just having an understanding of how your child feels about the new school year, will help to know how you can help them and what ways you can help them transition and get them excited about it. 

Getting ready to head back to school is honestly both the parent's and the child's job. We as the parents need to have the enthusiasm to really give our kids the energy they need to go into the school year ready to learn and wanting to have a successful school year. It all starts from us, if we can assist in mentally preparing them for the school year, then they will be set up for success. I would love to know in the comments, what are some ways you mentally prepare your kids for the school year?  

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