Why Support Is What Young Moms Need to be Successful in Motherhood!

by - May 12, 2019

If you follow me on the gram then you would have seen one my recent posts talking about currently solo parenting. My husband is currently out of the country and if you don't know already we live in Texas without any immediate family here, over time we have made some friendships along the way but, nothing like actual family. Anyway being home by myself with the girls, and doing all the parenting and day to day by myself has been quite exhausting to say the least. But, all this has also made me understand the important of a solid support system and overall support for a mom's success in motherhood.

  • Support is what fuels this unpaid job, having people that are checking in, helping to step in and carry the weight when you need a little break. Good support for moms makes things a lot easier, having people you can call on either to ask for assistance or just to vent will make the burden a lot less heavy. 
  • Support system is the village that carries you in motherhood, those are the people who uplift you and help in sowing into your kids. I think back to my childhood, having my grandparents active in our lives made a world of a difference especially with the extra help they were for my mom. Stepping in for carpools and just a sound board and voice of reason. 
  • Motherhood can be quite a lonely journey in part because of how it hits you, there is no script or grade that  tells your if you are doing things right or wrong but, that's where support system comes in to lift you. A good support system will ease off the overwhelming feeling. 

No one tells you this, but the true ingredient to a successful mother and the factor that allows a mom to thrive and feel empowered in her role is support. Great support system checks on your, advises you, prays for you, but most importantly surround you with love. 

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