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Why Its Important to Make Holiday Traditions For Young Family!

by - December 20, 2018

So Christmas is literally right around the corner, I feel like the last half of 2018 just breezed by. Being a young mom to young kids the holiday season are especially prevalent and important because I feel like when you have kids you become even more aware of each and every holiday and wanting to immerse your kids in every of holiday spirit. As my girls are getting older, and starting to understand the ideas behind the holidays I am realizing that I need to create strong family traditions around the holiday season and be able to give them a better understanding of what this season stands for. I think this is so important especially for new and young families.

  • Its helps you have your own way of celebrating the holidays, by creating a consistent tradition or ritual you have your own thing for your family almost like a legacy you leave for your kids to share with their own kids down the road. 
  • I believe by creating holiday traditions, you are teaching your children about the holidays in your own way. They get to get into the spirit of the holiday and understand what the holidays are about from an intimate family view. 
  • Its makes the holidays fun and something to look forward to outside of just the glitz and presents, which is what we all seem to associate with Christmas. 

For me growing up my parents always made sure we attended church on Christmas Eve, and then afterwards we would come back and open presents and Christmas day was spent around family laughing, eating and just receiving and sharing that love of the season with each other.

I still carry a lot of those traditions with my kids now, but I also want to share the joy outside of the world with them which is why when we were invited to Daystar Christmas I was so excited to take the girls. The entire experience was so beautiful and really embodied the spirit of what the holiday is all about. From enjoying the beautifully lit lights all over Christmas town, to riding the sleigh with Santa's elf to check out the life size nativity scene  and then closing out the night by getting a photo with Santa the entire experience is something I know will be an ongoing family tradition with the girls.

I would recommend this as a must see family Christmas event, the lights are so beautiful and the whole thing is FREE!!! You get to enjoy time with family, take so many beautiful images and have a long lasting family memory. The event runs through Jan 4th at the Daystar headquarters and you can get more information about times for specific events at daystar.com/christmas.

Do you all have a specific family tradition for the holidays?
Let me know in the comments

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