Tips for Moms to Maintain a Social Life

by - August 22, 2018

social life for mom

One of the hardest things after I had Simi was getting balance being a mom to a little human as well as still having some type of life, honestly even with two kids that is still quite a balance I am still learning to handle. Being a young mom it rocks your world when you first become a parent, it almost seems like your life goes from litty mode to now completely confused and unsure if you should keep your turn up friends or get a whole new set of mommy friends (which is very hard but a topic for another day lol). Maintaining a social life as a new mom can be quite a struggle, you are dealing with mommy guilt and then constantly feeling like you are the odd man out with your friends who don't have kids or understand the situation you are in as well. Honestly I am still learning ways to have a social life and as the girls get older I am making a very blatant effort to have a social life and make my life more than just about my kids. Here are a few tips to maintain a social life as a mom:
  • Utilize sitters and any free help you can get, honestly I get it babysitters can be expensive and if you are like me you can feel a little uncomfortable asking others to help watch your kids. But the way I see it to be the best mom you have to give yourself a break, take some time to regroup so you can put your best foot forward. So using babysitters allows you to enjoy a night out. 
  • Keep in touch, one of the quickest way to feel lonely and forgotten as a new mom is not stay in contact with friends. I struggled with this at first (still gotta work on it honestly) but we live in a world where its so easy to keep in touch with people thanks to the internet. So make an effort, reach out and make plans. 
  • Have play dates, its very hard to make mommy friends but its not impossible and when you have little ones you can easily meet other mom friends. From going to the park, or even pairing up with other moms who have kids close to your child's age to have some adult interaction can do so much.   
  • Most importantly just make an effort, it's so easy when you are wrapped up in mommy land to want to be stuck there, before you know it you are just too tired and lazy to want to go out. But the reality, your kids will eventually grow up and won't need you as often so you gotta learnt to have your own life outside of your role. 
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I think these tips will give you the balance you need, and also make mommy life feel just a little less lonely. Let me know in the comments what other ways you have been able to have a good social life as a mom!

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  1. I love this post! It's funny because I have a blog post on this as well with the same title and I felt like you had some great ideas! I love how you mentioned getting a friend to babysit. I would often be too prideful to accept help but not anymore. It seriously takes a village. I also like that you mentioned making the effort. I told my husband recently while sitters are expensive if we set aside money each week by the end of the month we could easily afford a sitter and date night to look forward to. Thanks for sharing!