How to have a toy free home

by - January 21, 2018

So the new year is already on a roll and I am slowly getting through the various goals and things I set out to accomplish, one of those was de-cluttering my house of all these darn toys my kids are hoarding. Do you ever feel like the toys just show up, you honestly didn’t even buy them or know where they came from but, all of a sudden the number of toys piles on...... that’s how it started to seem at my house.
Even some things that weren’t toys but my 4 years old was making a collection of (sigh). Anyway my husband and I  finally decided enough was enough, and started going through the toys. Luckily I received one of the best thing ever from hurricane munchkin (how perfect is that name lol) they make the most adorable toy boxes and I got the toy chest which fit perfectly in my 4 years old’s closet which is the perfect place to get all her mess. The chest is  very compact so it fits perfectly in her corner without taking much space, it also has a lid so she fills it up at night before bed and all her toys fit perfectly in it.

A few tips I have for de-cluttering toys are:
  1. Get a space completely dedicated to your kids, my advice on this is try to give them a space that isn’t too big cause the bigger the space the more likely they will fill it up lol
  2. Get storage boxes or storage totes, like we did with the hurricane munchkin chest. They also have other options like the toy storage boxes or storage bins that can fit perfectly with any decor. 
  3. Separate the toys, the most used ones and the least ones and then go through the least used pile. Most likely most of the toys in that pile will be out.

At the end of the day, some toys your kids will not want to let go of and if your child is like mine who will give you all kinds of reasons why we shouldn’t get rid of them. But hopefully making them a part of the process will help ease letting go. What are some tips you have for keeping your house toy free?

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  1. Good post. I have noticed an influx of toys from the holiday season, and also her birthday which was right after. There were some older "baby" toys that I had to get rid of, and she doesn't miss them. I also still have some toys wrapped from the holidays/bday (and hidden away) because there's no way she can play with them all at once. lol

  2. Great post! I actually just went through my daughters toys the other day. Organized them and put most of them away in our toy closet. Now everyday or so I will switch the few that are out with some from the closet. It has been life changing. My daughter plays with her toys more and there are less to clean up.