Simple Ways Moms Can Re-Vamp Their Style

by - November 06, 2017

We all know how much having a baby affects a new mom's life, but one thing I never knew it would affect was my fashion sense. I am not sure if it cause of the changes my body has gone through or just the fact that now I am someone's mom and I kinda feel like my fashion sense needs to be mature as well but, this second time around I feel like any knowledge I had of dressing myself or remotely even looking stylish went away. Don't get me wrong I am no fashionista, but I at least knew how to make myself look  presentable and not look like a complete potato. So these past 7 months, I have spent trying to figure out what works for my new body type as well as still look like a cool mama with some style. That's really hard to do when you have a newborn that is constantly spitting up on you, here are the tips that are working for me so far, and I will be sure to update as my post-baby body transforms too. (Update 2 years post baby: Its still quite different from the style I knew from before babies, but it does get easier figuring out what you like now and I do think I definitely have a much more mature fashion sense now compare to my early 20s)

Its not about just doing the latest trends, but about finding and sticking with the trend that works for you.  All this means is you don't have to do every and all trends to look good or stylish its about finding timeless pieces. When I was going through my style funk I hit up all my fave fashion bloggers and just started copying their styles and any trend they listed for I wanted so badly in my closet, but after a few trips to the fitting room I quickly realized "Girl it's not all for you" lol.

Comfortable doesn't always just equal sweats and leggings, listen I live for my go to staple wardrobe outfit legging and tees but I realize that's how I was falling into the trap of not giving my outfits any effort and getting even more lost in what is fashionable anymore. The wonderful thing about fashion today it's no longer just tight and tighter that are considered fashionable. Thankfully wide leg pants (Shop my fave here), and even loose fitted clothing can be made to look good so as I revamp my wardrobe I am remembering that and picking pieces that are comfortable but still fashionable and can be worn more than just to the grocery store.

Stilettos and those super high heels I was rocking back in my college days just don't work for me anymore and that is fine  thankfully chunky heels are in and I can still look fly and sexy with my heels without breaking my ankles. Even the classic flats have come a long way from just a basic look, thank God for converse and vans you can run around with your toddler and still look amazing. So it's all about getting what works for you without looking at each and everyone out there.
One thing I have to remind myself everyone's style is always transforming and changing with kids or no kids, I am very happy to see how my style and just fashion sense will change though. What are some go to fashion pieces that you all love and is always a go to no matter what fashion phase you are in?

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  1. I'm all about simple and classic peices like jeans, button ups, and cardigans