What You Need to Know Before Your Next Baby

by - September 11, 2017

Being pregnant the second time around, I was pretty sure that I had a good idea of what to expect (at least for the most part) but, boy was I wrong. I will be honest I thought since this is my second time around it should be smoother sailing, and everyone kept making me believe this. But I thought I would share the real tea, at least from my experience.

  • I learnt that you definitely feel more tired the second time around. I am not sure if it's cause I had another toddler I was running after, but this second time around I felt extremely lazy and super tired.
  • It's definitely not easier the second time around. I learnt my body isn't what It was before, so of course the second time around was tougher for example I dealt with really bad round ligament pains and I honestly feel like my body is still healing even 5 months (Almost a year later I was still dealing with the after effect of pregnancy unlike the first time when 3 months later I felt like myself again)  down the road.
  • The snap back the second time around won't be so easy. When I had my first baby I was back to my pre-baby body within 3 months, this time around it's a lot different and that's just something I had to come to terms with and realize it's a process (don't be so hard on yourself  and even if your body doesn't get back to what it used to be still appreciate what it is now)
  • My motivation level after baby number 2 was very low, and so for that reason the chances of getting postpartum depression goes up. Thankfully I caught on to this early on and was able to  avoid sinking into that hole (if you ever find yourself sinking in there be sure to ask for help with the little ones and take the time for yourself).
  • I really wish someone would have reminded me not to compare pregnancy. I tried so hard to remind myself that each pregnancy is different from the last and so symptoms and overall experience won't be the same but boy did it get super hard especially in those last few weeks.
  • No matter what you learnt the first time around, you kind of relearn those things again. Or more like you get a new spin on things, like I said earlier each baby is different and has their own personality so what works for the first baby won't necessarily work for the second and that is perfectly fine (and this is just true overall about your children, each child is different and so you have to learn each child individually).
  • Your mommy guilt will get even worse. There are so many days where I feel like I am not giving my older daughter enough love, or I feel guilt that I am doing too much for the girls and not enough for my husband. But at the end of the day, I just have to give what I can and not over stress myself.

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But one thing I have learnt is that the more kids you have, the bigger your heart gets and realize just how much you can give selflessly and unconditionally love.

What are some things you mom's out there learnt after your first, second or third child that you didn't know previously? 
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  1. This is so true!!
    I was also expecting my second pregnancy to go smooth as I did not have any problems with my first pregnancy. But I was soooo wrong!

    I got morning sickness (which I didn't have during my first), I got picky with food, I find it hard to walk, and everything just seemed uncomfortable (sleeping, sitting, etc).

    My obgyne also shared that she found her life "miserable" on her second pregnancy (the term was an exaggeration). And just like you pointed out, it must have to do something with having to take care of a toddler while being pregnant.

    I even thought breastfeeding the second baby will be much smoother and painless but gawd was I soooo wrong. XD

    I have so many thoughts to share hahaha. I love this post!!

    1. Thank you so much Ayisharu, so glad I am not a crazy lady. Thank you so much sharing your experience would definitely love to hear more of your thoughts. Be sure to check out past and future post by following the blog ��

  2. These are such good points! It's hard not to compare pregnancies, but everything is so different each time. My pregnancies and labours and babies were so incredibly different each time. I guess it helps prepare you for parenting when you realise the tricks you used with your first don't work with your second, haha! You realise in pregnancy things will be different and prepare!

    Hope you had a great weekend! :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

    1. It really does, I guess just be open minded with each pregnancy and baby lol thank you for reading and commenting

  3. I'm currently pregnant with my second. It is very different than my first pregnancy, and I can relate to almost everything you wrote! Definitely more exhausted and more round ligament pain this time around!

    1. Aww congrats on your second baby,those round ligament pains are no fun hang in there. Thanks for reading and commenting

  4. I agree with all of this! I have three daughters. After each one I had so many moments where I said to myself...What's wrong with me? Why can't I do this? It seemed everything took longer or got harder. We just learn how to do it all...differently. Just keep swimming!

    1. Oh wow 3 girls, they must keep you busy. But that's the only way, just keep swimming. Thanks for reading and commenting

  5. Hi Tola :) my feature post about your blog will be posted tomorrow :) Feel free to share it and/or repost it. Thank you for participating. God bless you and your whole family. I know that eventually you'll have more readers to inspire with your motherhood journey. xoxo - Abigail

  6. Hi Tola,
    Here's the post :)