2017 so far Life Update

by - March 08, 2017

This might just be my own year, but honestly 2017 has just been a crazy busy year so far. I feel so overwhelmed and constantly feeling like my to-do list never gets done, and it is always rolling over into the next day. And lets not even start to talk about living life with a toddler, and then getting ready for baby, so yes 2017 has gotten off to a crazy busy start. But thankfully its time to finally get some much needed rest, and focus on baby watch (I am so ready for this little one to be out already, I think I am counting down the seconds now lol)

Anyway with all the busyness of the year so far, there have been a few eventful things. For one my baby turned 4, I still can't believe I have a four year old toddler. It amazes me every year when she turns a year older and all these new characteristics form and just seeing her mature it truly is something to experience as a parent.

I also got my life together and beat this laziness just a little bit and packed my hospital bag, you would think this was my first child with how clueless I was about what to pack or where to even begin. But thanks to this baby center article, it gave me a general idea of what I needed to put together without packing my entire closet.
I am officially on maternity leave which is something I never got to actually enjoy with my first baby, so this time around I am truly taking a break to relax and not just physically get ready for this baby but mentally. And also enjoy some time with my daughter, seeing as she is probably going to be affected by all these changes the most so just trying to make her last few days as an only child the best I can. Granted its no walk in the park, cause my body is exhausted and I feel like I am cranky all the time (Jesus take the wheel lol)

Cultural day at school

And with being off work now, and I have lots of time to get the house baby ready and I think my nesting instinct has kicked in majorly, and also my toddlers' (home girl is constantly trying to sweep lol)
I have no idea what the rest of 2017 has in store for us, but I am excited also nervous but very excited for all the changes to come and how our lives are going to change within the next few months.

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