Target Gift Guide for the Family

12/16/172:48 AM

Christmas is just around the corner and maybe you missed my last blog post and things got way too crazy, so now you are trying to get everything done last minute don’t worry I am here to help you out with the plugs from my favorite store TARGET. I a huge fan of target and it’s even nicer because it’s a one stop shop, so no matter what you need Target will come through for you. So I have put a list together of gift ideas  for just about anyone you will need to shop for and guess what these are all $50 or less!

Tips For Moms To Have a Stress-Free Holiday Season

12/5/179:35 AM

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, but also prime time for stress. It’s so easy to get sucked into all the craziness during this season and start to feel like a chicken with its head cut off, I totally get that feeling where you slowly start to get a little overwhelmed and so I thought I would share a few tips on how to keep yourself from being stressed.

stree free christmas

Happy Thanksgiving!

11/23/172:28 PM

It's always so interesting to me when my birthday falls on thanksgiving, I just see it as God wanted to remind me to be extra thankful for this life he has given me. So in spirit of thanksgiving and reliving the wonderful year coming to a close soon, i wanted to just list a few things I am especially thankful for this year.

Gift ideas for toddlers

11/21/174:19 PM

I can't believe the holidays are back in full force, like seriously how did 2017 fly so fast (so funny every year, I ask that same question lol) Anyway with the year coming to a close that means time to get those holiday shopping done and if you are like myself with kids, holiday shopping is a little more exciting and stressful. I am actually still trying to figure out what I will be getting for my 4 years old, so I thought I would share some ideas for any toddler parent like myself.

Tips to be a stylish mom

11/6/171:00 PM

We all know how much having a baby affects a new mom's life, but one thing I never knew it would affect was my fashion sense. I am not sure if it cause of the changes my body has gone through or just the fact that now I am someone's mom and I kinda feel like my fashion sense needs to be mature as well but, especially the second time around I feel like any knowledge I had of dressing myself or remotely even looking stylish went away. Don't get me wrong I am no fashionista, but I at least knew how to make myself look  presentable and not look like a complete potato. So these past 7 months, I have spent trying to figure out what works for my new body type as well as still look like a cool/hip mama with some style and not try so hard. FYI that's really hard to do when you have a newborn that is constantly spitting up on you. Anyway here are the tips that are working for me so far, and I will be sure to update as my post-baby body transforms too.

Simple and Cheap Date Ideas

10/18/179:57 AM

If you are like me and juggling two little kiddos, trying to make sure your house isn't in shambles and not completely look like a slob,and still be the best wife you can be then date nights have slowly taken the back burner but I think it's time we do better. For me it's so easy to be the best mom I can be and give my kids my all than be the best wife because I always think my husband will understand (which he does) but that isn't fair to him or our marriage. So with the weather finally getting better here in Texas and me finally feeling more like myself after baby, I thought I would share some simple and very easy date ideas. Honestly these are ideas that could work for anyone, even for couples just starting to date.

Temi: 6 months update

9/28/1710:11 AM

I can't believe it's already been 6 months of having my lil munchkin around so much changes in the short time she has been in our lives, but I am  so thankful to be able to experience those things with her. She is still home with me so, we get to bond each day, which is something I wouldn't give up for one second.

What You Should Know Before Your Next Baby

9/11/172:16 PM

Being pregnant the second time around, I was pretty sure that I had a good idea of what to expect (at least for the most part) but, boy was I off. I will be honest I thought since this is my second time around it should be easier and smooth sailing, and everyone kept making me believe this. But I thought I would share the real tea, at least from my experience.

Colorado Visit/Life Update

9/1/172:09 PM

We recently took a trip to Colorado to visit my family and lord was it a very interesting trip. Temi got to meet my mom and my older sister for the first time, also it was her first time flying so lord knows I was so scared of what to expect with that. Honestly this past week has just been full of firsts for all of us, from Temi's first flight, to her first mini road trip to her first major case of cold :(. Also it was my first time flying by myself with the two girls (I was so scared, and then on top of that they both had a cold so it was just a very stressful trip and me coming down with  a cold myself lol) And lastly it was Simi's first time to public school, last year she got to start Pre-school but, was going to a Montessori so even though I was nervous then for some weird reason I wasn't as nervous that time around like this time with her starting regular elementary (Update: she is doing just fine and loving it so far).

Adjusting to two kids

8/9/173:09 PM

The reality of life as a mom to two little girls has fully set in since my mother in law left, I think having some helping me with the girls made life a little easier. But then all that fairy tale living came to an end about a month ago, and with my hubby working too it's been mostly me and the girls during the day so I have had to learn some tricks to help make life a little easier these days.

How I helped my toddler adjust to the new baby

7/31/1711:44 PM

So Temi is growing and changing each and everyday, we have all had to do some adjustment but I think the person who has had to adjust the most is big sister Simi. She has had to go from being an only child, to taking her big sister role extremely serious and taking extra (actually a little too much) care of her little sister.

Temi: 3 Months Update

7/5/171:44 PM

Our precious Temi is growing up everyday, and with each day comes new lessons and  changes. This past three months have been an adjustment not even gonna lie, still getting used to our new addition but it's been full of so much loving on her, and cute baby cooing.

How I style/care for my 4year old's natural hair

6/27/173:33 PM

Growing up my hair as always been super FULL and super THICK, which is something everyone admires  but I am not a big fan of because doing my hair is such a hassle. When I got pregnant with my first daughter I made a decision that I wasn't going to put any type of chemical in her hair such as a relaxer/perm, I know the amount of damage relaxers did to my hair especially my scalp so I just wanted her hair to flourish and do a lot better than mine. But as God would have it, she has the same exact hair texture as mine from fullness to thickness (it's a pain doing her hair let me tell you). So to avoid her hair breaking, I have had to learn some hair care routines for her hair over the years.

Raising Confident Little Girls

6/14/173:45 PM

A few weeks ago, I was doing my 4 years old hair and she said something very interesting that got me thinking about how I am raising my girls and the changes I need to make moving forward. Anyway back to the story, so while doing her hair on the bottle of the hair creme I was using on her hair is a drawing of a black woman with very curly/full Afro in an  up-do, she looks at the picture and goes "mommy she has ugly hair" I look at the picture and then I look at her and I say what do you mean? She then goes "its not beautiful like Elsa's" I was so confused and honestly wasn't sure what to say in that moment. Yes of course Elsa has beautiful hair I am not disagreeing with her on that but, my shock was more on the fact that she didn't think this black woman's hair depicted beauty or that she felt this pale white character with long blonde hair was more beautiful than the black lady. So when I finally got my thought together I asked her, why she thought the lady in the picture's hair wasn't beautiful like Elsa's, I then made a point to let her know that the lady in the picture had the same type of hair as hers, did she not think her hair was beautiful?

My Postpartum Reality

5/23/1710:26 PM

Its been almost two months since Temi has been born (check out her birth story here), Its been quite an adjustment to not only get used to having a newborn around but also just back to being myself. I realize having a baby does a lot to the body not only physically but emotionally and this past two months I have spent time not only getting to know my new baby but also getting back to myself. Like I said in previous post this pregnancy was a lot different this time around than the first time, my body felt that difference the most, after I had my first daughter my snap game was on point but this time around I am learning that its a process. I have heard the saying "it took 9 months to grow this child so it will take time for your body to return to what it was before". After the first month I noticed that my belly stopped going down, I knew that my uterus was done shrinking back to size (cause those awesome cramps were done) Anyway it started to make me worry because I expected my body wasn't gonna bounce back like first baby, but I didn't think I would still be looking 6 months pregnant after the baby was out. So of course I started to google and research the heck out of everything, in my research I learnt about Diastasis Recti. Pretty much what that means, is my abdominal muscle is separated a little more than the usual separation you get from pregnancy and thus is causing the wonderful pooch I have been rocking post baby. Its been a struggle coming to term with how I look right now, and of course along with my wonderful pooch I am still carrying quite a bit of weight and not back to my pre baby weight just yet.

Dress c/o pinkblush

How Motherhood has molded who I am today

5/14/172:41 PM

I know most of you have heard the saying, "becoming a mom changes you" I never quite understood what that saying truly meant till I became a mother myself. Everyday I thank God for blessing me with my amazing little girls that get to call me mommy everyday, being a mother is one of the greatest blessings in my life and I can't see my life today without my two little girls in it.

They have thought me how to be confident in myself and sure in my decisions. Prior to being a mom I would say I was "fake" confident, more worried about what others thought than what I thought. But, something about being responsible for other people's lives gives you a new found confidence.

Being a mom has definitely grown and strengthened my relationship with fellow mothers in my life, especially my own mother. Growing up I always thought my mom was just being mean and didn't want me to live my life. Now I am on the other side of the field and I understand why she did the things she did for me, as a parent you want to protect and shield your kids especially in this crazy world we live in today.

Its Our Anniversary: 3 Things first year of Marriage taught me!

5/10/1711:48 PM

And just like that, we have been in this marriage game for a year lol. No but seriously how does time just keep flying by though? I swear it feels just like yesterday when I was standing in our Westin Hotel room looking out at the crazy dark clouds that were forming outside on the day of our wedding and now a year later another little human has been added to the crew and I am trying to figure out what we will be eating for dinner, yes quite a bit has changed in a year. But I wouldn't trade it for anything, the other day while doing my nightly breastfeeding I got to thinking about this past year of being a wife and I realized truly everyday has been a learning experience, so I thought I would share the few key things this past year has taught me.

Temi: One month update

5/6/174:57 PM

Our little cutie is a month now, how did time just fly by though? Its been a little bit of an adjustment getting used to having a baby in the house again and not getting much rest but, I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. She has changed so much within the last month, she literally is growing up by the minute and slowly outgrowing newborn size and on to the next.

Like I said she is gaining weight like crazy, and that is because she is a lil eating machine, constantly ready to eat. From the day she was born breastfeeding has been an ease and because of her eating so good it has really helped my milk supply. She was born at 7lbs 9oz, but at her last doctor's visit she is was 10lbs 10oz, her doctor said that she is feeding perfectly fine and this little lady is right on track with her weight gains and growth pattern. 

Why we gave our daughters traditional Nigerian names

5/1/1712:13 PM

For most of you who don't know, I am Nigerian born and raised (hence the name lol). Growing up I never really thought any big deal to my name because everyone I knew had Nigerian names and it was just the norm. I didn't really start to appreciate my name till I moved to the United States, of course it took a little while to appreciate the fact that my name was unique and  had a wonderful meaning behind it. So when it came to naming my kids I was very certain I wanted them to have unique names as well.

March 27th 2017: My Birth Story

4/19/171:48 PM

The baby is here finally!!! Its so true what they say, every pregnancy is truly different and you can't compare each pregnancy to each other. This was my longest pregnancy (only been pregnant twice), with my first daughter I had her at 37 weeks, so automatically I was hoping that since this was my second pregnancy then she would most likely come around the same time boy was I wrong. Once I passed the 37 week mark, I started getting very impatient and seriously uncomfortable so at that point I started trying ever remedy from eating pineapples, to dates, seating and bouncing on a yoga ball, walking all over the dang place, sex and even had my hubby pressing on any and every pressure point lol (by week 39 I was so over being pregnant I could pay anyone to get this baby out). So when I woke up at around 5am March 27th (the last days of 39 weeks) feeling extremely crampy and feeling slight contractions I was slightly excited, but then on the other hand was like dang how long will this last though. At about 6am the pains started getting a little more intense, I could still talk through them, but they were definitely more obvious so at this point I was like I need to wake my hubby up, If this labor was similar to my last then this baby would be making her arrival sooner rather than later. To be honest I think God worked it all out perfectly, because my mom was in town (that was my biggest worry, was having someone to watch my older daughter) So I took a quick shower, me and the hubby got in the car and drove off to the hospital, The entire 20min drive I feel like every contraction that came was intense but I kept thinking "what if I get to the hospital and they tell me this baby is no where near coming out that I should come back" lol. When we finally arrived at the hospital at about 7:20am since I had already come in previous to going into labor and filled out all the hospital paperwork, they checked us in and put me in one of those monitoring room the nurse checked how much dilated I was, at this point I was 5cm. So we were transferred to a labor room, I hooked to all the machines, poked all over my arms cause my veins clearly didn't get the memo and the real fun began. Since I was able to have a natural birth with my first child, I had mentally put myself to a test for the second child to see if I could do it again with out epidural, lord was the pain real! but I think my body was moving off pure adrenaline and the fact that I would be able to say I had both my babies without an epidural kept me breathing through the pain lol. At about 8am, I started feeling more pressure, so at that point since my water still had not broken and I was about 9cm dilated the doctor decided to break my water herself. Thankfully after that it did relief the pressure, but then within a few minutes I could feel the baby coming out the strong intense pressure (The true ring of fire). And then pushing started, the doctor came telling me to breathe through my pushes (that's easier said than done by the way) I swear I felt like I was pushing forever, and this baby was not coming out any more lol. It felt like I pushed for like an hour, but really it was maybe 10mins and by 8:30am our beautiful baby was out. At 7 Ibs 9oz she definitely was bigger than her sister, but a long lil babe (21inches), her dad got to cut the cord, and then I was able to meet my beautiful girl.

Getting your child ready for a new baby

3/23/1711:10 AM

So my life is finally starting to slow down just a bit, but I almost feel like its just the calm before the storm. This last week I got to spend some much needed mother and daughter time with my fave girl (my daughter) as much as we are all excited for this new addition, I realized that very soon she will no longer be an only child and of course I am not sure how that will all play out, one thing I wanted to be sure of is letting her enjoy to the fullest these last days, as well as getting to enjoy being a mom of one before it all changes. So thankfully, since this little munchkin doesn't seem to want to debut anything soon, it almost seems like everything just aligned perfectly. Last week was spring break for my daughter, and since I have been off of work we took the entire week to bond and get myself out of the house walking as well.

2017 so far Life Update

3/8/172:37 PM

This might just be my own year, but honestly 2017 has just been a crazy busy year so far. I feel so overwhelmed and constantly feeling like my to-do list never gets done, and it is always rolling over into the next day. And lets not even start to talk about living life with a toddler, and then getting ready for baby, so yes 2017 has gotten off to a crazy busy start. But thankfully its time to finally get some much needed rest, and focus on baby watch (I am so ready for this little one to be out already, I think I am counting down the seconds now lol)

Baby #2: Expectations vs. Reality

1/17/1711:20 PM

If you follow my instagram page, then you are aware that I am pregnant with baby #2. I am so excited for our family to be growing, and to be able to welcome this new little one into our home. Of course being pregnant with baby #2 is a little different, the symptoms I felt with my first pregnancy compared to this one are completely different a lot of things that I thought would be different are not and a lot of things I thought would be similar are definitely not.  

My first pregnancy I would say was a walk in the park and didn't really set me up mentally for other pregnancies to follow. The first time around I had no signs of morning sickness, nausea or any of the weird symptoms people describe in their first trimester. I was quite exhausted but I think based on the job I had at the time I would have been exhausted regardless lol. So of course this time around I was hoping for the same symptoms, boy was I in for a big surprise. I didn't actually get morning sickness, but I was definitely nauseous the entire first three months of pregnancy. To be honest if I had just had morning sickness and been done with it I probably would have preferred that. But instead I just felt sick to my stomach almost every single day, everything made me want to puke but never actually made me and then I was super sleepy. I mean I could literally sleep at the drop of a dime.

2017 Goals and Expectations

1/9/1712:35 PM

Just like that we are already one week into 2017 time waits for no man honestly. The other day I was reflecting and just thinking of the new year, since this year started I have felt good about all that there is to come out of 2017, and so many ideas have been flying through my head in regard to goals and just things I have to accomplish. I have learnt to stop making new years' resolutions though because as we all know they never get accomplished. So instead for the new year I am setting goals that I can actually accomplish and making myself accountable for them as well. I thought I would share some of my goals for the year as well as the ways I intend of hold myself accountable.