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by - September 10, 2016

So it has been a while since I posted anything on my blog, honestly I have mostly just been kind of lazy but I also have been settling in. With change comes lots of getting used to, and settling in. It has been quite a big change for sure adjusting to everything, definitely miss having my big family all around but also love my little family and us getting to create our own rules and way of life. Anyway here is what we have been up to, been doing a little bit of exploring we got a chance to take a little family road trip to San Antonio and also made a little pit stop in Austin. I really want to go back and explore Austin so more cause its such a cute little city with so much character. I already let the hubby know that we will be making another trip down there without the little one soon. San Antonio was also lovely, we got to stay in a very gorgeous hotel with so much history of the city and so grand.

If you ever are in San Antonio I will definitely recommend The St. Anthony Hotel the service we received our entire stay was top grade. Also took a trip to Sea World, which the little one loved, now every time we see the Sea World commercial on TV she reminds me how we went there to see the dolphins.

The little one started Pre-K, so surreal definitely made me realize my mini me is growing up right under my nose where is time going (I can't deal). We recently got a chance to go and visit my family back in Colorado, that was nice we got to catch up with everyone and just being back home even if it was only for a little bit was nice.

Its crazy how much life and living has happened in four months (the year is moving a little too fast by the way). As the summer winds down and we slowly enter fall I am so excited for whats to come and if anything I am extremely excited for this Texas heat to chill out lol.

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  1. OLOWONIREJUAROSeptember 11, 2016

    Nice, would 've been jealous but no need to be. My daughter is really grown up