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5 Lifestyle Changes to Implement This New Year

by - January 23, 2021

It's a new year, but if you are like me you are still logging all the weight that 2020 has blessed us with! I know for me I did way more eating and sitting around, but with a new year and new goals I am trying to do better and set some changes. Here are few things you can implement this new year to kick start that fitness and health goals:

  •  Embrace the “almost homemade” Everyone knows the key to weight loss is proper diet and you may be tempted to prepare everything from scratch to keep a strict count on your calorie intake. Please put down the pasta maker, bread maker and any other device you’re currently shedding sweat, blood, and tears over! Just because you have the time to make a nutritious meal from scratch doesn’t mean you have the mental or emotional energy to do so. Toss those frozen veggies and meat in the oven and season according to your conscience.
  • Stuff your face... with intention. Establish a game plan for what is going down your throat. Think portion control, craving plans and cheat days. For example, if you get those vague sensations of hunger fill yourself up with water and then see if you’re still hungry after some time passes by. Switch up the size of your plate to minimize huge serving sizes. If you’re craving chips, eat the chips! Don’t eat everything in your cabinet just to avoid eating what you actually crave. Put some effort in what your cheat day is going to look like. Plan a walk in the park, a dance party, or other active things you enjoy doing to celebrate those naughty calories hitting your system. 
  • Sweat… Like a sane woman. It can be tempting to think that the new year version of you hits the gym for an hour everyday. If that is you… congratulations and keep up the good work. If the idea of going to the gym everyday fills you with dread, fatigue, and anger there is another method. Ease your body into a  3 days a week 20 minutes schedule, it’s not the least bit overwhelming and once you master this schedule you can work up to something more challenging. 

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  • It takes a village....Figure out what kind of support system you’re in need of. Would delivered groceries take a load off your shoulders? Perhaps joining a Facebook group to bounce ideas of tips and tricks of how to squeeze a workout in while your child watches Cocomelon. Maybe you need a good ole accountability partner to send your scale numbers to. Figure out the best way to execute the plans of shedding the weight. 
  • Snooze so you don’t lose. I know there is nothing more seductive than the fantasy of getting 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep as a mother, but fantasy seems to be the key word here. It’s time for the sheriff to come into town, and put the smack down of a schedule for both kids and parents. Throw everything but the kitchen sink at getting 6-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Experiment until you find a functioning system because proper sleep helps you lose some of those stubborn pounds. 
What are some lifestyle changes you are making this new year?

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