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Mom Approved Thanksgiving Dinner Outfits

by - November 20, 2020

Another holiday just around the corner; If you are anything like me, you are probably looking at the clothes in your closet feeling lost. Complaining about how you have nothing to wear (or is that just me) won't lie but, having kids completely changed my style. It has taken some years to finally feel comfortable and feel like myself when I dress up. But every time I step in my closet, I feel like I all of a sudden don't know how to dress any longer. So here are some outfit ideas that you can rock for your thanksgiving dinner; to make you feel comfortable and confident!

  • Maxi Dress (shop my favorite here and here): You can never go wrong with a maxi dress, a classic outfit, and can work from both pregnancy days to post-baby days. I love how most maxi dresses flow, which gives you more room to eat whatever you desire; and not feel constricted.
  • Leggings (my all time fave here) and an oversized sweater (love this one), listen am a big believer that leggings can and should happen anywhere and anytime. The great thing about leggings they have stepped up their game; and can look chic. Pair it with a cute mule sandal (get this one) or some over the knee boots (these are so cute).

  • A sweater dress (this one is so chic) is perfect for Thanksgiving dinner; it's chic but yet roomy and stretchy, you can eat as much as you would like.
  • A midi Flowy skirt (shop this one or this one) or dress for a little more dressy look; if your thanksgiving dinners are less casual, then this is a perfect look.

The important part of thanksgiving is the family and enjoying some good food. So no matter what you decide to wear to enjoy that time, be sure you feel comfortable and confident in whatever you do decide to wear!

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