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How to Deal With Holiday Anxiety

by - November 13, 2020

While this year has just been unnormal, I think it has added on an extra level of anxiety for young moms. I can tell you before this year; I wasn't anxious but, the added pressure of working from home while still balancing being a full-time stay-at-home mom has been a mental overload. With the holidays coming, we are looking for some relief from all that the year has brought on but, it can also be very high stress and anxiety-driven period. Here are some things you need to do to stay ahead of everything and keep your head out of the fog of it all.

  • Stay ahead of things! The easiest way to help not get in over your head; start to feel like you are sinking. Make sure you are planning; even if you are not the plan-ahead type, make sure you have a stored out structure of things so you can stay organized. Also, it will help to shuffle around if need be. 
  • Get all your holiday shopping and prep done as you go rather than hitting it hard all at once. I am taking my advice on this and buying the presents and getting things together this year as I go and as I see them. Will, help ease things off your plate, and then there is not that added pressure of having to get it all done in one sitting. 

  • Be ok with letting taking the back seat; as moms, we like to be in control and be the one driving and leading things. But, it's ok to take the back seat and let somebody else take the lead on certain things. 
  • Stop trying to make everything perfect! I know we all want to give our family, especially our kids, the very best holiday experience. But, the reality is life happens, so no matter how much you plan and how best you have it,  life still happens. So don't allow that to get you worked up or put the extra pressure on yourself. 
  • Find little ways to remind yourself to stay calm and motivated. For me, it's writing uplifting and motivating quotes utilizing my chalkola chalk markers  (You can use my code TOLA10 for extra discount) to keep reminding me to stay focused on what matters. 

Motherhood has so many layers to it, this sense of guilt to make each experience the best for our family. We carry that weight, and when the holiday season comes around, a lot of us are running like chickens with our heads cut off. Going above and beyond but, sometimes that can be too much for ourselves. So I hope this holiday season you realize you have given so much of yourself this year, and do your best and let the chips fall where they may.

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