How to Stick to Your Budget during the holidays

by - November 29, 2020

The holidays tend to be an overspending time between travel expenses, then all the gift shopping the expenditures can add up. But we all have to be smart and spend wisely. We are in the thick of the holiday season, and all the ads are rolling in; we have to stay focused on the end goal, keeping our finances on track even through the holiday season. Here are a few things we all can do to make sure we don't lose focus or get caught up with all the noise: 

  • It's imperative to stick to your list of people and things you want to shop for instead. It's so easy the minute you start shopping to get caught up with all the sales, and before you realize you are buying way more than you initially budgeted.
  • Do lots of research before just blindly buying, be sure you search the deals online properly before either buying from a site or going into the store to purchase the item.
  • Utilizing payment plan options, things like AfterPay make it easier to get payment plans and not have to pay everything all at once. I love that the service is allowing you to be smarter with your money and spend wisely.

  • Don't try to keep up with the jones when shopping for others, because we tend to overthink how others will view our gifts or if it will come across cheap is why we end up spending way more than we budgeted
  • Know your limits and stick to them. If you can only spend a certain amount of money, stick to that and don't try to overstretch your wallet.

We all have to be smart with our money this holiday season. It's so easy to get caught up in all the sales and good deals, and before you act like you are buying things you never planned to purchase is normal. Stay focused, most importantly, make sure you are shopping for people you do care and regard.

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