Tips to Help Maintain Your Patience and Peace

by - August 20, 2020

 With so many of us being home literally 24/7 with our family, patience is running very thin we are all having to get creative with ways to find time for ourselves to be able to have moments of peace. I know for me, I find myself yelling more than usual due to feeling overwhelmed. Now we add the extra pressure of the virtual learning route I am sure patience is going to run even thinner. Here are some ways to maintain your peace during this season of uncertainty. 

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  • Pick your battles this season has taught me that not everything deserves a reaction or response. Because I am home with my girls the majority of the time, most of the time I am yelling at them to stop doing something I have told them not to do. I can get upset about everything and continue to yell or know which battles are worth fighting.
  • Take a breath! With so much coming at us, I realize we tend to get into autopilot mode. We respond to things without really giving it a thought. So whenever I find myself starting to lose my patience or get antsy, I will always take a breather to calm down before responding. 
  • Take time for yourself! When you feel overwhelmed, you are more likely to lose your patience fast. So find simple ways to treat yourself, refresh your body and mind to bring some clarity. 
  • Know your limit, and know when you need extra help or just need to tap out. Listen to your own body, because it will always tell you when you have reached your limit and when your patience has run thin. 
  • Be responsive, not reactive! I realize I tend to react and sometimes overreact. By picking your battle, you will know when something warrants a reaction and when something just needs to be let go. 

Parenthood will test your patience, and your patience might always run thin. But be willing to know that your peace comes first, be sure to read the pulse on things and sense when you feel overstretched. 
I would love to know what do you do to maintain your patience?

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  1. Such great tips! Just stopping and taking a breath can definitely keep you relaxed and able to conquer the day!

  2. Picking your battles. This is one I use daily.

  3. I love the: be responsive not reactive tip!

  4. Yes!! Being a parent does test patience but it is so worth it. Making sure to take care of yourself is huge!

  5. YES girl! Pick your battles is one I learned more recently.