Tips to Ease Back to School Anxiety

by - August 06, 2020

Around this time each year, parents start to get back in school mode. But with this year is looking completely different, I know that mentally preparing is not just something the kids will have to do, but also us as the parents will have to as well. First off I want to say to any parent out there trying to figure out the best route for your child in this very odd times, I want to let you know whatever decision you do make its absolutely the best decision for YOUR family that is all that matters. Anyway, as we get ready to head back to school, here are some tips to help ease off that anxiety we all might be feeling.

  • Have real conversations with your child about going back to school. Even if the school year is different this year, we still want to make our kids aware of the new reality and mentally start to prepare. Talk about expectations, and set the groundwork for what the school year possible could be. Use this has as a time to understand how they are feeling about going back to school.
  • Transition into school year routines, I know those summer months can be laxer, and routine tend to fall off. But with school right around the corner, help your child not feel like everything completely changed overnight start to get into your school year routine. Everyone (including us as the parents) go to bed on time, wake up early, take showers on time (it doesn’t matter if the class is right outside their room door).
  • Be a sounding board as a parent, so many of us right now are trying to figure out ways to make it a smooth sailing school year. But, we have to try to stay calm and focused on our kids, be the listening ear, and hear them out rather than trying to have an answer and solution.
  • Focus on the positive and amazing things that the new school year will bring on. So much is going on, and we are in an adjustment phase. So our minds tend to focus more on the negative than the positive. Rather than focusing on all the challenges the school year will bring about, switch your mindset to focus on the positive. Like the great things your child will be learning this school year, The new grade they are entering, and just being able to see the positive and silver lining in it all will ease yours and your child’s mind.
  • Keep your mind on the things you can control! There is so much we can’t control this year. Keep our mind on the things we have control over, like buying back to school clothing because no matter how the school year go there is no reason why we can not look fly (whether in person or at school). Focus on getting school supplies that will make life easier for the school year.

I think at the end of the day, pandemic or not starting a new school year can give some level of anxiety to both the parent and child. Especially if your child is moving to a new school, going to a new class with a new teacher or just general first-day jitters. I think the prime way of combating anxiety and high emotion is focusing on the things within our control and staying positive as much as we can.

How are you all feeling about going back to school? What are your emotions towards it all?

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  1. This tips are definitely needed. Thank you for sharing.

  2. These are great tips, thank you! I especially love that we should buy new clothes, regardless, and I know that will help a lot with attitudes.

  3. I’m grateful my children are not yet school aged but I even had anxiety about sending them back to daycare once it reopened. These are such challenging times as a parent.

  4. This are great tips but I’m so glad my Kids aren’t school age yet.

  5. This is a great list of tips for preparing our babies to go back to school! My son is currently a little sad that he wont be able to be in "real school" right away! Much Success to your little ones!