Black Businesses I highly recommend for moms to support

by - July 24, 2020

With all going on in the world, I am a big believer in not just talking the talk, but also walking the talk. As more parents continue to find ways to learn for themselves, but also teach and empower their children. I hope we all can continue these conversations and be strong allies by supporting more black businesses that deserve it. Here are some of my fave businesses that are absolutely mom approved!

top left corner: Mcbride Sisters fb page, top right corner: pattern fb page, bottom left corner: black girl sunscreen fb page, bottom right corner: healthy roots dolls fb page

  • McBride Sister’s Wine Collection! This wine company was founded by two half-sisters, their unique story will have you hooked as much as their delicious wines. And I think we all can agree that a good bottle of wine after a day of dealing with the kids is a must-have during these times.
  • Pattern Beauty, I already love me some Traci Ellis Ross plus her hair is clear goals! So when she came out with a hairline, it was bound to be good. As moms, we all are looking for products that make our lives a little easier, and honestly, hair care can be such a pain.
  • Black Girl Sunscreen; being a woman of color, the struggle of finding a sunscreen that blends evenly on mine and my family skin without leaving residue colors. I love the purpose of this company, also the fact that the ingredients are good for your skin.
  • Healthy Roots Dolls, I love what this brand stands for. I love that they created their line of dolls to show diversity in the baby doll space, so young black girls can see themselves represented.

top left source: Lip bar (c/o of pinterest), top righ sourcet: Honey pot (c/of the honey pot website), bottom right source: Partake fb page, bottom left source: Pur Home fb page

  • Partake Cookies; I was so excited to learn about this brand. As a mom with a child that has food allergies, it can suck to have to stop your child from enjoying treats with friends. So I love that their cookies were, created to make sure every child doesn’t felt left out.
  • The Honey Pot Company, this is the perfect self-care product for any mom. 
  • The Lip Bar! as mamas, we all want to feel and look beautiful. I am a big fan of the lip bar lipsticks, it is so pigmented you can never go wrong with any color. 
  • Pur home clean, this is a natural Eco-friendly laundry detergent and home cleaning product line. 

The list of black own businesses is countless and I could list them on and on, but what it comes down to is finding a product or service you appreciate. I hope this list can be of assistance to you for finding black own businesses you want to support, and honestly majority of these products can be found at your local Target. 

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