My Go to Kid’s Approved Breakfast Ideas

by - July 15, 2020

Growing up, one meal that I could never miss was breakfast. But when you become a mom, your life gets so hectic and unreal before you know breakfast becomes something you are eating as you run out of the house. But since we have been home most of the time these days, we have more time to get breakfast made and enjoy it. But I understand life will soon go back to normal, so having a fast and easy breakfast is needed.

  • Simple pancakes, I have always been a fan of pancakes; they are the perfect easy hot meal. You can spice it up and add some fruits or even some chocolate chips to get the full stamp of approval from the kids.
  • Oatmeal bowls, to be honest, the girls are not big fans of oatmeal. But you add in some fruits to it, the perfect morning pick me up.

  • Scrambled Eggs, the fun thing about scrambled eggs is you can mix them anyway.
  • PB&J Sandwich, the girls are big fans of bread just like their mama lol.

The minute these kids get to talking age and they can make decisions on what they want to eat, then preparing foods becomes such a task because everyone wants their special meal. But the trick is to make something simple and easy, but then add a customizable aspect like the ability to add fruits or something to the side. What are some of your easy go-to breakfast meals?

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