Family Friendly Activities for Summer 2020

by - July 06, 2020

This year has been quite interesting just like most parents my kids have been home full time since March and had its fair share of challenges trying to home school a 1st grader and keep my three years old busy as well. Now that the school year is over, time to get into summer fun and get more creative with keeping the kids busy. Here are a few things that I plan to use to keep my girls busy in these warmer months.

  • Make Slime! Simi recently got extra obsessed with everything slime, related most importantly the process of making slime. So that is the perfect activity to have everyone involved in it’s fun, but also educational because you are mixing different things to form this reaction (hey come on science lesson lol). There are so many selections of slime making kits everywhere, but we especially love the Elmer kit.
  • Water activities and pool time. My girls are huge fans of the water, so for any water activity, they are always game. Depending on if you want to head to the local pool or get a cute little kiddie pool or keep it simple and utilize a slip and slide the options are endless.
  • Sidewalk chalk art! The most fun we have these days is taking our daily walks to the mailbox, so why not make it a little more fun by creating sidewalk chalk masterpieces.

  • Get out to the outdoors, and enjoy some nature walks/hikes. With social distancing so real right now and trying to keep the family safe, you can still enjoy some fresh air while maintaining a distance by going to local trails and even some national parks that are semi-open.
  • Enjoy a late evening picnic dinner, most restaurants are offering more take out than dine-in so why not just order from your favorite restaurant and enjoy some family time outside in your backyard or even in the park far away from everyone.
  • Make it a bubble party the girls are obsessed with bubbles; it’s the perfect way to keep them busy for hours at a time. I love taking them outside; they run around trying to pop the bubble also the best way to burn off energy too.

This Summer has been very different, our plans have had to change, but we all are trying to make it normal for our kids. I know that can be quite challenging, but the most important thing to remember is to make memories with them that will last a lifetime!

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