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by - June 12, 2020

mood boosting tips

With so much going on in the world, its so easy for our minds to get stuck on the constant bad news and before you know it you are sinking deeper into a very sour mood. Being in quarantine, I won't even tell you how many times I have had to pep talk myself out of a mood or just feeling a sudden mood shift. But because I am constantly being surrounded by my kids, I know too well that the energy we give off is what our kids will feed off of. So here are some fast and easy ways to pick yourself out of those funky moods. 

how to change your mood to happy

  • Do some exercise, or just some type of physical activity to get our body moving. Research shows that exercise increases blood flow, which in turn nourishes the brain. Which means you can breath and think clearer. 
  • Listen to music! Listening to some upbeat music always lifts my spirits. Putting some feel good music will automatically get you out of any funk. It has been shown by research that, soothing music can influence your heart rate instantly. 
  • Get outside and take a walk. You would be surprised what a little fresh air and sunshine could do to lift your spirit. Research shows that heading outdoors for a simple walking exercise, can benefit mental well being more than any other exercise. 
  • Watch something funny or just find ways to smile and laugh. Laughter is and will always be medicine for the soul. Whenever I find myself sinking into a rabbit hole of moods, I find funny videos to watch and it instantly changes my mood. And thank God for the countless amount of funny videos all over the internet. 
  • Focus on the positive, I know this is easier said than done but putting your energy towards the positive things going either in your life or around you will instantly shift your mood. For me that usually means doing something fun with my girls, (honestly they are pretty entertaining lol). I am a big believer in positive energy!
tips to focus on being happy

Its easier said than done to switch your mindset from being in a mood, to mentally focus on being happy and positive. But, I always say focus on the things within your control!

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mood lifting tips

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  1. Getting outside and music are definitely two of my favorites. Just feeling that sun on my skin even on hot days is a mood booster.

  2. Thanks for posting.
    I really needed this right now.

  3. Exercise and listening to my favorite music are some of my favorite mood boosters! When I'm down, I don't want to exercise, but it ALWAYS helps!

  4. Taking a walk by myself and music are two of my go tos! They always cheer me up.

  5. Great tips! Doing some physical exercise always makes me feel better. Spending some time in nature also works for me.