Good Educational Apps for Toddlers

by - April 29, 2020

the best toddler apps
Like most moms, I don't believe my children need to stay attached to an electronic device all day; I am sure we are all aware of the health and development effects that it carries. But, I realize the reality of life as a busy mom and just wanting a few minutes to be able to concentrate on a task or being able to enjoy some quiet, and that might involve the good ole iPad. But merely because you are allowing your child to play on the iPad or phone doesn’t mean it should be meaningless. Here are a few of my fave educational apps that they can get a good amount of learning from, while still having fun.

good toddler apps

  • PBS Kids App(Free App) This is one of my fave apps on the list. I love that it features some of our favorite TV show characters like Daniel the Tiger and Elmo. It features games, puzzles, and thousands of free videos.
  • ABC Mouse: (First Month free, $10/month) I love that this app is curriculum-based learning, and built to match the child’s learning level. It has a step by step learning path with 10 levels, over 850 lessons, and over 9,000 learning activities and games.

free educational apps for toddler

  • Epic! – ($7.99/ month, but an opportunity for free subscription through your child’s school or teacher.) This is app offers unlimited access to books, videos, and quizzes in English and Spanish. Most books are audio-books so they can listen to the story, and follow along on the pages.
  • GoNoodle: (Free) This app is perfect for keeping your child active for those rainy or hot summer days. It features numerous video content activities such as dance party videos, yoga, and mindful game activities. The goal of GoNoodle is to help kids be active while doing the things they love.
toddler educational apps

Various educational apps exist for toddlers, but these are the ones I have had the pleasure of using and personally love for my girls. I would love to know have you tried any of these apps out before, what are your thoughts towards screen time for your kids?

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