5 Ways to Mentally Reset After the Holidays

by - January 06, 2020

After the holidays it almost feels like my body and mind just seems to still be stuck on holiday mode and can't quite snap out of it. By the time the new year rolls around, I am having to pep talk myself back into the swing of things, and make sure I can get going on all the goals and various things I have set out to accomplish for the year. So this year to get ahead of things and not allow my January to run away from me before I know it, I am implementing some minor ways to mentally reset after the holidays.

  • Clear out my Christmas decor within the first few days of the year (shop storage totes here). This one can be hard, because the decorations tend to keep the spirit of Christmas alive and I mean who can look at Christmas lights and not instantly get into a good mood. But, that also gets us stuck in Christmas mode. So this year, we actually took down the Christmas decoration (shop ornament storage here) on new year day. I saw it as a great way to start the new year, everything fresh and cleaned up.
  • Purge out your refrigerator, all those holiday left overs that have been seating in your refrigerator. The Christmas desserts that you packed away that you probably have no real plans to eat except as a late night snack, just go ahead and toss it out. Creating space for fresh new meals that you will be making in the new year, fresh and healthy!

  • Get back into schedule/routine, during the holiday especially with everyone being on break routines everything slowly makes it to the back burner. But in other to shake off that holiday and vacation lifestyle, you are gonna need to get back to your routines. Get back to going to bed when you usually do, waking up with your alarm rather than just hitting the snooze button. 
  • Plan ahead, take some time to plan out your year (shop my favorite planner here). For me I actually purchased a calendar (love this calendar) and went through the entire year and plugged in important dates like birthdays, vacation, no school days, appointments and so on. By doing this, it clears it out of my head and it gives me a chance to see what is to come and plan ahead. 
  • Write down your goals, this year I am very intentional about writing down my goals and having visual representation of everything I am setting my sight on for 2020. By writing it down and having it where its constantly in my face and I am always reminded of it. This keeps me motivated to get my stuff together and achieve what I need to. 

Being a mama to young kids the holiday season end up being such a busy and hectic season, trying to keep up with all the endless to-do lists as well as trying to make sure you make it memorable for the entire family. So after all that running around, usually you kind of want to rest up some more and so those first few weeks of the new year is spent recouping, but hopefully taking the right steps to mentally shift your mindset rather than laying around or being in limbo. 

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