How to Plan a Budget Friendly Birthday Party

by - January 27, 2020

Once your kids get to an age where they start to understand what is going on and also get the concept of birthdays and birthday parties, then you have to put a little more thought into planning those birthday parties. But as much as you would love to give them the entire world and go all out for those birthday parties, you also have to be realistic and keep it within budget. So I thought I would share some ways to make it a fun and memorable party, but keep it easy on your wallet as well.

  • Keep it very low maintenance, something as simple as a backyard party or if you don't own a home doing it at the pool in your apartment or club house. This saves you money from having to plan an extravagant party, or having to worry about paying for a hall space or purchasing a party package from you local party locations. 
  • Seek out cheaper options, the dollar store and even the dollar spot at Target are always life savers, you can get so many good items either to entertain the guest or for your goodies gift bags. 
  • Stick to non-traditional themes, so instead of doing a popular Disney movie theme, mix it up and do something more in line with colors. Or instead of my little pony theme, do a unicorn theme birthday party. You can check out the site basic invite to get amazing different birthday party invitation that not only affordable, but give you variety of options to stay on theme for whatever theme you decide to with. They offer a custom party invitations at the fraction of the cost which is amazing for the mama that wants to have a party that looks and feels like she spent a fortune, but her wallet doesn't feel it. 

  • Buy store bought cakes rather than doing a custom order. Stores like whole foods or Sam's club have beautiful inexpensive cake options that are also delicious
  • Keep it low key, sometimes we get overly excited to do it up for our kids. But honestly when they are young, they could careless they just want their parents there and the people that matter the most. So keep it low key and make it close family and friends, less people means less foods and less spending. 

I know that pressure we put on ourselves as moms to go the extra mile for our kids and give them the world, but we have to also be smart about it. I think celebrating your child's birthday and marking that age in their life is necessary but it doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg!  
What are some ways you plan and celebrate your child'd birthday on a budget?

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