Holiday Party Outfit Tips/Ideas for Working Moms

by - December 01, 2019

Being a mom, your life can sometimes feel like it revolves around your kids and even your fashion game slowly starts to slip because you are spending all our extra coins buying clothes for them to look cute. With holiday season officially here that also means holiday work parties, as a working mom I know the struggle too well. Trying to dig through your closet to find something that is fabulous, stylish and still work appropriate. I thought I would be sharing some tips as well as some budget friendly outfits you can get right now! Here are some simple ways you can be stylish for your holiday party while still staying within budget.

  • You don't have to always buy new clothes, pull out old pieces you have in your closet and mix and match them for a whole new outfit. You can never go wrong with a simple yet elegant dress like this one and pair it with a nice fun blazer to give it all the holiday feel 
  • You can also do work style but make it chic, suits have been all the rave this year so you can totally take one of your work suits in a fun color and or even a black power suit paired with a fun top put it with some nice pumps and then we got boss mama serving! 
  • A good jumpsuit is always elegant and will always be work appropriate. 
  • Don't go overboard, keep things simple by picking one key fashionable piece. 
  • You don't always have to go high end, honestly places like Target, Walmart and even your local thrift will have you looking fly at the fraction of the price. 

I know sometimes as moms we tend to live in our mommy life hard, and that also equals rocking the mommy sweat pants more than we need to be. So when events like these come along, I am all for go big or home, even if your job has a casual vibe type holiday party still put together a cute casual look.

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