3 Simple, Yet Effective Ways to Get Out of the House in Time with Little Ones

by - November 08, 2019

This Post has been sponsored by SENSIBLE PORTIONS® Garden Veggie Straws. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Any mom with little ones knows the battle it can be to try to get yourself and your kids on time and out the door to wherever you need to be. Honestly, even before children, I have always just had a hard time getting anywhere on time. Now with children, I am ten times worse. I am trying to do better, though, and learn some effective ways to get us all out of the door in time to our various activities as well as sharing one of my favorite go-to family snacks that is free of artificial flavors: SENSIBLE PORTIONS® Garden Veggie Straws.

  • Pack everything the night before. This is so important! It makes things a lot less hectic and overwhelming when you know everything is set to go. The last thing you want is for everyone to be running out the door and then you remember mid-ride that you forgot homework, gear for practice, or the diapers and wipes are still sitting on the bathroom counter—talk about a mommy fail. 
  • Always have your food/snacks ready to go. Having little children, you ALWAYS have to have some type of snack handy for those tantrums—both while getting ready and while you are out and about. Which is why Veggie Straws are always in my bag and fully stocked at home thanks to Walmart. I literally can pop into a store, grab my variety 12 pack snacks, head to the self-checkout, and I am out of the store. I also love that it’s a better-for-you snack option that everyone (including myself) can enjoy. And the girls will never know they are eating a 100 calories per bag snack that has no artificial flavoring or preservatives because it tastes great and is super convenient to snack on no matter where you go. 

  • Get yourself ready first before the kids. This is something I just recently learnt but I believe wholeheartedly that by getting yourself ready first, you're kind of setting the tone for the rest of the day. And it gets you mentally prepared. Honestly, by the time the kids get going and are running around, it can get pretty difficult to get yourself ready. It also gives you some much-needed quiet and alone time before they wake up or get actively going. 

It’s a bit of a marathon getting little kids ready and out of the house in time because let’s be real, kids don’t understand or care to really understand the concept of time. However, I am learning that you just have to speak their love language. And let’s be real, no child is above a little bribery. Slip them their favorite snack and they will melt in your hands. My little girl loves Veggie Straws, so I make sure to stop at my local Walmart and grab one from the variety pack chip aisle, where it's fully stocked, and get the variety 12 pack because she is the boss and needs to have options (haha) in case a tantrum erupts. 

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