Simple Tips to Keep The Kids Safe On Halloween Night

by - October 28, 2019

It's everyone's fave time of the year, all the kids and even adults dressed as their favorite characters, and of course the never ending supply of candy. But, with all the fun comes a little bit of craziness and the question of safety. We all want our children to dress up, enjoy the day but most importantly we want them safe. So here are a few ways we can ensure their safety while out and about on Halloween night.

  • Instead of traditional trick or treating, go for a more intimate group activity. I am a firm believer that there is power in numbers and also it creates better community. So finding local group activities, with a group of people that you know or have been able to build a community with, will help with safety. Activities like local school trunk or treat or coming together with other friends to host your own Halloween party instead. 
  • Check your child's bag, this is something most parents are already aware of and I would hope you are already doing but, I think more than ever it is so important for us all to be reminded and not just only say it but practice it too. 
  • If you plan to head door to door trick or treating be sure to go over the rules with your child, especially the amount of houses you will be visiting, and basic rules around crossing the streets. Most importantly have an emergency plan and a back up plan, just in case things go sideways. 
  • Every child should have a chaperone, more than ever you are seeing older aged kids getting into trick or treating (12 to about 16 years of age) But because these kids are a little older in age and more independent most parents tend to let them be, and not feel the need to accompany them. But I don't think anyone is exempt from an extra set of eyes, to be aware of their surrounding. Also with proper adult accompanying these young adults, they are less prone to get into things they shouldn't be. 
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Halloween is such an enjoyable holiday especially for our kids, I know my girls get very excited to dress up as their favorite characters and be able to get all the candy but, on the other side of that Halloween night can easily become one an unsafe night for our kids if we aren't careful and aware of what is going on. I would like to know how do you ensure your kids are safe on Halloween night?

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