Why New Mom's Should Cut Themselves Some Slack!

by - January 25, 2019

I remember after I had my first daughter I was stressing majorly, worried every single day about every single thing from how I was doing as a mom, to make sure I was breastfeeding and feeding her enough, to all the minimal problems that arise as a mom. To think now six years later, I have a whole toddler (can you imagine lil ole me, a mom to a full grown toddler chillayyy lol) I have done a pretty decent job in raising her and guess what I haven't broken her and I even have another one and we are surviving just fine. One of the biggest struggles that pretty much all new mom's face is being too hard on ourselves, we all have this sometimes very unrealistic idea of what motherhood should look like and when things don't pan out that way we worry, and then that worry makes us doubt ourselves and our capabilities to be the best moms to our babies. Well I am here to tell you ease off yourself and give yourself a BREAK!!!
  • Guess what that little baby is going to be just fine I can promise your that. Except if you are just pure evil and doing every wrong thing in the book (well that is a different conversation) but as long as you have good intentions, and you are making smart decisions for your child then that's all that matters. We really can't control it all and you most certainly can't predict what will come up, but you can prepare as best as you can and then just be ready to learn along the way. 
  • You are human, you are bound to make mistakes, you won't do it all right but that is fine and actually I think motherhood was meant for us to make mistakes. If the people before us didn't make mistakes, how would we know what is considered right and wrong today. 
  • All the little freak outs and little things you think are big deals, won't matter. There are so many things I freaked out about with Simi, I was so worried I was being a horrible mom cause I had to go back to work FT and take her to daycare in the middle of winter in Colorado. But guess what she is 6 years old now, doesn't remember any of that and honestly the fun family memories far out weigh all the minimal things I ever worried about. 

So please cut yourself some slack, for me I had to understand that motherhood is a journey and this journey is going to have its fair share of ups and down and lots of bumpy roads but at the end of the day its about getting the full experience while also learning. I am very far from being a perfect mom, and I highly doubt there is a perfect mom out there in the world. Everyone is doing their best, learning each day and lets be real surviving till the next day. That is all you can do!

What is some way you intend to cut yourself some slack today?

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