How To Handle Life With a dramatic toddler (Terrible Twos)

by - January 18, 2019

Lately life has gotten pretty dramatic in our household, my wonderful and beautiful 2 years old has become quite the drama queen. I guess it does come with the amazing amazing joy of being a 2 year old, but lets be honest it can get quite exhausting and frustrating as well dealing with the mood swings and tantrums, so I thought I would share some simple ways you can help both yourself and your toddler.

  • Patience, there is no greater time in a parent's life to really understand and practice patience than when you have a toddler in your life. Its a very exhausting time in your life both mentally and physically but you will have to learn to be patient. For me I call it picking my battle, I can either lose my patience and make things worse or let her blow off some steam calm down and then we can try to get to the bottom of what is upsetting her. 
  • Let them have their tantrum, one thing I have learnt being a second time mom is that crying never hurt anyone so let them cry it out. My husband hates this but I think my brain and ears has learnt to tune out the screaming and shouting, that my daughter can have a good cry fest for like thirty mins and I don't even get affected by it. But I think as long as you check that its not anything you really can do (ie hungry, hurt themselves or truly needing you) then just let them cry it out, let them roll and scream all over the ground, most times after all that they will probably just take a nice long nap lol. 
  • Be understanding of the fact that your toddler is still learning to express themselves, this is something that we as parents tend to forget (even with being a second time mom I had to learn this all over) that at that age they are still learning how to differentiate emotions, learning how to talk and how to be dependent for themselves so with that brings on a lot of mixed emotions and just learning to adjust. 

The toddler phase can be both exciting and hectic, each day comes with a different set of emotions and obstacles. One of the biggest lessons I have learnt is that you just have to take each day as it comes. Understand that each phase has its own set of growing pains, but this too shall pass and as long as you are teaching them right from wrong (also good to remember this point in your child's life is when they are very impressionable and pick up on EVERYTHING!!!), they will be little helpers very soon.

How are you all handling the toddler phase in your home?

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