Why Its Important to Make Holiday Traditions For Young Family!

12/20/185:53 PM

So Christmas is literally right around the corner, I feel like the last half of 2018 just breezed by. Being a young mom to young kids the holiday season are especially prevalent and important because I feel like when you have kids you become even more aware of each and every holiday and wanting to immerse your kids in every of holiday spirit. As my girls are getting older, and starting to understand the ideas behind the holidays I am realizing that I need to create strong family traditions around the holiday season and be able to give them a better understanding of what this season stands for. I think this is so important especially for new and young families.

How Working Moms Can Balance Motherhood and Family

12/14/187:23 PM

Motherhood is a one of the greatest blessing in any woman's life but with motherhood comes  a balancing act and trying to figure out how it all fits with the life you already know. This feeling is especially real for working moms, after having my first daughter the idea of going back to work and putting my new baby in a daycare was so daunting and just so stressful to think of. Being a working mother take a lot of juggling and balancing so that way you can give your best at your job and still be able to give the very best to your child.