Why its not selfish to take time for yourself as a new mom

11/19/188:11 PM

One of my biggest struggle as a new mom was realizing that it’s completely OK to put myself first. I remember after I had Simi I literally gave up my social life, and felt I needed to be mommy 24/7 and just even the thought of taking some time for myself made me feel so guilt. Even now after two kids I still find it very hard to take some me time, just leaving the girls with their dad I feel like I need to cut my fun short and hurry back. This is such a horrible mentality and I know I am not the only young Mom that does this, we allow mommy guilt to consume us and very soon you are living in that mommy guilt space. But honestly it’s completely OK to be selfish with mommy time, it’s OK to take an extra hour after work to just have some time to yourself without the kids, or take one day out of the weekend to be left alone.

Advice for New Moms: How to not allow stress of motherhood affect your marriage

11/8/181:33 PM

Being a mom has its fair shares of stresses and can feel quite overwhelming to deal with. But the biggest mistake you can make as a new mom and wife is take that same overwhelming and frustrating feelings and dish them on your husband. Being a newly wed is alright quite an adjustment, but then adding on a new born to that equation can be hard on a couple but realizing that you are both in it together and dealing with everything that comes your way with that mentality will make the transition a lot easier. Here are some simple advice for new moms to not allow the everyday stresses of motherhood to affect your relationship with your husband.