How to Handle a Picky Eating Toddler ft. Oogaa Baby Utensils

by - October 09, 2018

I feel like kids hit a point in their toddler-hood (totally just coined this term now lol) where they just start to hate food, some kids deal with that point a lot longer and it hits them a lot harder than others. As a new mom I dealt with this, having a child that absolutely loved everything and would eat every type of food, to all of a sudden hitting 2 years old and despising everything. Honestly I wasn't expecting and I was scared that she was losing weight and not eating a balanced meal. But let me just say this to all the new moms out there its a phase, because now my 2 years old who is now 5 years old literally eats everything and is constantly hungry and wanting to eat all day long. The reality is kids have to grow their palette, they need to learn what they like and don't like and when they hit around that 1.5 or 2 years old mark they start to make that decision  on if they want to eat something or not. So I thought I would share some tricks that will help make this bump in the road.
  • Make dinning time fun! Try even if your child is fussy or just not trying to have it still make the dinning experience fun for them. Incorporating fun music or even fun eating utensils such as oogaa baby is such a game changer, it peeks their interest and even gets them interested in even feeding themselves. I especially love their fun spoons sets, it is appeasing to your little one and gives you a chance to play with them while feeding them as well. 
  • Pick your battle! Be willing to bend the rules and give them what they want. The way I see it a fed child is better than a fussy one who isn't gonna eat but fight you the entire time. With Simi she went through a phase where literally all you wanted to seat was mac n' cheese, so guess what for a month straight all she ate was just that. The way I saw it was should I keep fighting her and also wasting my food, or just make what she wants to eat so I did just that. 
  • Be patient, honestly its so frustrating and also a very worrisome if all your child wants to eat all day is strawberry or just one specific type of food all day long. There was a point where we worried she was becoming too lean and just not growing up as a healthy child, but the reality is this is just a phase very soon you will be begging your child not to eat your entire house down. So just be patient and let it run its course. 

It is quite a journey being a parent to little ones, and the reality of having little humans is they will test every little part of your being and push buttons. Just understand that you are not the only one in this boat, and it is just a phase and your most important role as the mom is just being understanding of that and also use it as a chance to get to understand what your child likes cause they are building those favorites meals at this point. 

***This is a sponsored blog post, all the opinions and words are all mine based on my personal experiences***

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