Tips for New Moms Parenting without Family Support

10/24/182:46 PM

Being a new mom is already a very daunting and hard task, then imagine if you are miles away from family and friends doing it all on your own and having no support other than your partner, it can be quite draining both emotionally and physically. One of my biggest fear when I relocated to the Dallas after getting married was the fear of being so far from family and then my kids not being close to family and getting to do holidays and birthdays with family it can be an emotional thing to think of honestly but lets be real there are people raising way more kids, and even further from family and totally kicking butt at it. Here are a few things I have learnt along the way to implement and also to help make it less lonely being so far away from family.

How to Handle a Picky Eating Toddler ft. Oogaa Baby Utensils

10/9/187:31 PM

I feel like kids hit a point in their toddler-hood (totally just coined this term now lol) where they just start to hate food, some kids deal with that point a lot longer and it hits them a lot harder than others. As a new mom I dealt with this, having a child that absolutely loved everything and would eat every type of food, to all of a sudden hitting 2 years old and despising everything. Honestly I wasn't expecting and I was scared that she was losing weight and not eating a balanced meal. But let me just say this to all the new moms out there its a phase, because now my 2 years old who is now 5 years old literally eats everything and is constantly hungry and wanting to eat all day long. The reality is kids have to grow their palette, they need to learn what they like and don't like and when they hit around that 1.5 or 2 years old mark they start to make that decision  on if they want to eat something or not. So I thought I would share some tricks that will help make this bump in the road.